The Book of Hebrews Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 1

We begin chapter 13: Hebrews 13:1-6

v1: In Galatians 5:14 Paul tells us that the entire law (Torah) is summed up in a single command – to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’. This chapter begins with this command, but it is stated in a different and new way. This is to show us that there is going to be a greater application of the Torah. 

  • Let brotherly love continue: It is a commandment. This is a foundational quality of the law, that continues for those who are in and under the order of Melchizedek’s priesthood i.e. for those who have received the gospel of Yeshua.

v2: Entertain strangers: We need to allow our faith to impact others. Those who have experienced the ministry of Messiah, those who are under the priesthood of Yeshua, are going to demonstrate the love of G-d by obeying what He has commanded (John 14:15). A natural outflow of loving G-d, who we cannot yet see, will be to love others who we can see. 

  • Unwittingly entertained angels: An example of this can be found in Genesis 18.

v3: Remember the prisoners: (Matt 25:36) In those days those who were in prison were not fed by the jailer but relied on those outside of prison to bring them food. Whether people are in prison for righteousness or unrighteousness we are commanded to minister to them, because, by that, we are demonstrating love – as well as meeting their needs. We can be catalysts in bringing those, who are there for their sins, to repentance and receiving the truth of G-d. 

  • Since you yourselves are in the body also: In colloquial terms this would simply mean: Put yourself into someone else’s shoes. 

v4: Honourable: Can also be translated ‘precious’ or ‘fragile’. Marriage impacts every aspect of our lives. Likewise, every aspect of our lives impacts our marriages. All things can harm marriage if we are not guarding/protecting it. 

  • The (marriage) bed: Speaking of intimacy. This intimacy needs to be kept pure. Do not allow anything to bring defilement or corruption to it. 

v5: Let your conduct be without covetousness:  Negate the love of money in your life. Do not covet or love the things that money cannot acquire for you. 

  • Be content: Be content with those things that are coming – what the establishment of the Kingdom will provide for you. The word used here is the same word used to speak about the second coming of Messiah. 
  • ‘I will never leave you or forsake you’: This is a quote from Deut 31:6. Leave has to do with being careless, forgetful, but without intent. Forsake is to leave someone or something with intent. The results of both are the same. G-d has promised that He will do neither of these things. This phrase speaks of G-d being with us. 

v6: So we may boldly say: The result of knowing that G-d will never leave or forsake us is that we can proclaim boldly:

  • What can man do to me?: If G-d is our defence we do not have to worry about the offense of others. G-d only allows trials and testing to happen to us if it is going to, ultimately, be for our good. 

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