The Book of Hebrews Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 1

Our next reading is Hebrews 2:1-4

A testimony is very powerful and relates to what you see with your eyes or to what you have heard. In Scripture there is a preference given to what is heard, rather than to what is seen. Roms 10:17 tells us that faith comes by hearing. We do not study Scripture for the sake of knowledge, but we learn it in order to apply it to our lives. 

v1: More earnest heed: It is (absolutely) necessary to heed this warning, as not doing so will lead to a disastrous result.  There are people who have had a testimony of hearing from G-d and have received experiences from Him. G-d has imparted it to them, and manifested Himself to them, by revelation or by experience.  This testimony must be esteemed, and not allowed to drift or slip away. Testimony can have an impact in our lives, and in the lives of others. Do not lose out on opportunities to act upon them.

v2: Angels: A word that can simply mean ‘messengers’. G-d has given His Word to mankind by messengers (Isaiah, Daniel, Moses etc.). The Holy Spirit guides us, into all truth, by the Word/laws which have been given to us, so that righteousness can be produced in our lives. 

  • Every transgression and disobedience: The writer to the Hebrews is laying a foundation for us. G-d responds to every transgression, or act of disobedience, as well as to every act of obedience. When the Israelites disobeyed, they received a punishment. When they obeyed, they were blessed (This can be seen very clearly in the accounts that recount the Israelites living in the wilderness).

v3: So great a salvation: G-d provided salvation for the Israelites, allowing them to leave Egypt for the Promised Land. Most of them did not respond, by faith, to this salvation of G-d, and they died in the wilderness. They did not escape G-d’s judgement. Through the blood of Messiah, G-d, in His grace and mercy, has provided salvation for us. This salvation is far greater than leaving Egypt or being freed from physical bondage. We have been set free from the bondage of sin. Pharaoh could only destroy the body. Sin destroys the soul – the true essence of a person. 

  • Spoken by the L-rd, and was confirmed to us: Scripture is proof of this. Others heard G-d and they wrote down what they had heard and what they experienced. They certified/confirmed it for us when they gave testimony of it. We must not neglect, let slip or allow to drift away the testimony of those who have heard from G-d – not just heard with their ears but also experienced it. Their testimony is true and has eternal consequences attached to it. 

v4: Signs and wonders …miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit: These were not only for those in the past but are also applicable to us present day believers. We have seen the testimony of the ministry of Messiah and the redemption that He gives. The gifts that He has given to us are distributed by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works in our lives to sanctify us as well as to enable us to minister to others. He empowers, gives guidance, and imparts wisdom to us so that ministry can be done. These gifts are given to us, according to His will, so that G-dly order can come about in our lives.

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