The Book of Hebrews Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Our next portion is Hebrews 2:5-9

v5: The world to come: This Kingdom to come is not for the angelic realm, in that they are already in the Kingdom of Heaven and understand G-d’s righteousness and holiness. They are continuously in the presence of G-d.  In this Kingdom, mankind is going to be elevated. 

  • World…of which we speak:  The writer has spoken of this in Hebs 1:14. The angels have been subjected to us – they are ministering spirits sent to minister to those who are obtaining salvation. 

v6: Testified in a certain place: Scripture has testified to this and it can be found in Ps 8:4. 

  • Mindful: This word could also be translated ‘remember’ and is related to a covenant. G-d will ‘remember’ you if you have a covenantal relationship with Him. 
  • Take care of: This is the word for visitation in Hebrew and it means to deposit something (i.e. G-d visits with a purpose, and because of a covenantal responsibility). This word in the Greek means ‘to scrutinise, to watch over’ – to provide intense observation of, to see what is lacking so that provision can be made. G-d will remember man because of His covenant with him. The covenant contains promises and blessings. G-d will look at man to see what is lacking in him, in regard to the covenant, and G-d provides it to us. 

v7: Him: Referring to man. This quotation is taken from Ps 8:5-6.  Right now, we are lower than the angels. When we enter into the Kingdom of G-d we are going to be crowned with glory and honour and are going to be made superior to them. We are going to judge the angels (1 Cor 6:3). 

  • Set him over the works of Your hands: Mankind (Israel, the Gentiles and even the church) has failed to do what G-d called and created him to do. But we have future hope! Messiah, the Son of G-d but also the Son of man, achieved what we could not – obedience and righteousness. He is going to share this victory with us. G-d rules the heavens. He created us to rule the earth, but we were terrible stewards of it. Messiah will come and steward it perfectly. 

v8: Although not a present reality it will be a future one. 

v9: Crowned with glory and honour:  In the heavens all things have been subjected to Yeshua. This will become a reality when He brings His throne to the Earth and begins to reign here. As the Son of G-d, there was never a time when Yeshua did not have glory and honour. Yet, He emptied Himself of all of this (Phil 2:6-11) when He took on human flesh. On earth He faithfully did the will of His Father, laying down His life to cleanse us from our sins. He has been crowned with glory and honour because of His faithfulness on the cross. 

  • Everyone: This grace is available to anyone: not just a pre-determined group. Yeshua tasted suffering/death so that the glory and honour, that He earned on the cross, will one day be placed upon us when the Kingdom of G-d is established. Those who accept the perfect work of Messiah are going to be transformed into the very likeness of G-d (2 Cor 3:18). We will never be divine, but we are going to be transformed into Kingdom beings, superior to the angels. And all of this because of the sufficiency of the cross. 

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