The Book of Hebrews Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 1

Our next portion is a short one: Hebrews 8:1-6

v1: This is the main point: The chief point, what the writer is highlighting to us, is that we have a High Priest. The primary responsibility of the priest was to make atonement for sin, to provide redemption, so that the consequences of sin could be done away with in our lives. 

v2: The true tabernacle: This is one that is not made by human hands, but by G-d. His ministry was not in the temple in Jerusalem, but in the temple in the heavens. Therefore, that temple mediates a better, a superior, and an eternal ministry. 

v3: This One: Referring to Yeshua. He offered up Himself. He shed His blood.  

v4: There are priests: This priesthood is from the sons of Aaron. 

v5: A copy and shadow: The temple that stood in Jerusalem, as well as the priesthood, were a typology, example, shadow, pattern of what would go on in the heavens. A shadow is inadequate and insufficient – especially when put side by side with that which is real and casts the shadow.  

  • Moses was divinely instructed: Everything about the law of Moses was simply shown to him while he was on Mt Sinai. The purpose of the pattern was to teach us the essence of the real thing. It was to give us a perspective/vantage point for understanding that which is superior. 

v6: But now: the writer shows us something more excellent/superior. Yeshua obtained a superior ministry, and mediates a better covenant, based on New Testament law. The New Testament also has a better set of promises attached to it. 

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