The Book of Hebrews Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 2

Another short portion: Hebrews 8:7-13

v7: First: i.e. First covenant. If we are prophetically literate, we will know that the prophets (specifically Jeremiah) spoke of a new covenant, a second one (Jer 31:31). This first covenant was intended for earth. It was a pattern, based upon what was done in the heavenly realm. The new, or second covenant leads to a Kingdom transformation.

v8: Finding fault with them: The first covenant had a problem. It was not the law surrounding this covenant that was the problem, but it was you and I, people. Rom 7:13-15 tells us that the law is not for carnal people but for the spiritual. Before we were saved the law showed us that we were sinners and in need of salvation. It is only when we are saved and redeemed, with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, that He can help us to fulfill the righteousness of the law (Rom 8:3-4). 

  • He says: i.e. in the Scripture, in this case Jer 31:31
  • With the house: G-d said He was going to make a new perfect/complete covenant and it was going to be with Him. This is a change from the old covenant which was about him. The new covenant is not a renouncing of the old covenant. 

v9: Covenant that I made with their fathers: Speaking of the first covenant. 

  • They did not continue in My covenant: The problem with this covenant was that the people could not maintain it/remain in it/abide in it. The new covenant was going to be different, although there was still a connection between it and the old. (Instead of being taught the laws they would be written on minds and hearts) 
  • I disregarded them: Neglected them, left them alone. It is when we do not have G-d in our lives, when we are alone, that it is easy for us to get into trouble. This trouble has consequences to it, judgement is on the horizon. 

v10: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts: These are laws of righteousness. The fault, in the first covenant, was not with the law but with the people. G-d had to, therefore, change the people – not the laws. He changed us by establishing this new (second) covenant with us. When we confess Him and believe in Him (Rom 10:8-10) the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us (1 Cor 3:16, John 14:26)  in order to help us to live righteously, perfectly. He finishes us. He completes us. He makes us perfect in this new covenant – the key is “With Him”. 

  • I will be their G-d, and they shall be My people: The nature of this second/new covenant is one of redemption. It speaks of us being together with G-d. 

v12: The foundation of this New Covenant is mercy. Mercy brings about a change in our lives. Abraham responded to the provision from Melchizedek – receiving the bread and wine and giving a tithe. We, too, need to respond to G-d’s provision of mercy to us, the body and blood of Messiah. 

  • Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more: They will not be remembered because they have all been removed. This is the difference between atonement and redemption. On the Day of Atonement, the blood of bulls and goats could cover over the sin and keep G-d’s judgement at bay for another year. However, this blood did not remove the sin. It simply covered over it. The powerful blood of Messiah, on the other hand,  is able to completely remove our sin.  Messiah had to die in order to completely, fully, give His blood on our behalf.  

v13: New: G-d said it was a ‘new covenant’. Something new is needed when something else has become old. 

  • Obsolete: Archaic – wearing out, vanishing away. It is near to disappearing but has not vanished yet. There is still a purpose for the old covenant. It is only when we understand Old Testament law that we can have a proper understanding of the New. We can only understand the New Covenant if we can compare it to the old. 

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