The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 10 Part 4

We go on to a short portion: Isaiah 10:20-23

In this next section of Isaiah 10 there is some good news! G-d is going to bring a change – a change in light of His prophetic Word. When we look at the history of the children of Israel, the promises that G-d gave to them are connected to prophetic instruction. This has not changed today. The promises that G-d has given to us, in His Word, are also linked to instruction (example: Rev 2:7…if we overcome…we can eat from the tree of life etc). 

v20: In that day: Almost every time, without exception, when this phrase is used in the Hebrew it is referring to the Day of Judgment that is coming. For those who are in a covenantal relationship with G-d, this Day is going to have a good outcome, it is going to be a day that produces great results for us. 

  • Such as have escaped: A refugeeGenerally referring to those who have escaped a bad situation in one country so have fled to another. 
  • Will never again depend: This foreshadows a change that is coming. G-d is not going to allow His people to be continuously oppressed. Deliverance is coming and the way to find deliverance is through prophetic truth. 
  • Depend on him who defeated (literally: struck) them: Israel tended to make alliances with other countries instead of allowing the L-rd to defend them. Israel depended on these political alliances. 
  • Depend on the L-rd, the Holy One of Israel, in truth: This is the change that is going to happen: Instead of Israel trusting in man they are going to trust in the truth of G-d. 
  • Truth: The Scriptures (law, writings, prophesy etc) 

v21: The remnant will return: Not only are the remnant going to return to G-d, but the remnant is also going to return to the land of Israel (this is backed up prophetically by many Scriptures). 

  • Return: A word of repentance. There is a connection between repentance and trusting in G-d. 
  • The Mighty G-d: They realize that true power is with G-d. 

v22: Israel (will) be as the sand of the seayet a remnant of them will return: Over the generations the people of Israel have been numerous. However, compared to this number of people (from the time of Jacob onwards) only a small remnant is going to return to the land. Israel being like the sand on the seashore is a fulfilment of one of G-d’s promises to them (Gen 22:17, Hosea 1:10 etc). However, based upon Scriptural revelation, we should not expect all of the Jewish people to return to G-d and be part of His Kingdom.

  • Destruction decreed: An end has been determined. 
  • Shall overflow: Literally: Go forth quickly. It will quickly pass. 
  • Righteousness: Righteousness is the result of this destruction. This tells us that G-d is most concerned with bringing about a righteous end. G-d’s will always has a righteous outcome. 

v23: The L-rd G-d of hosts will make: G-d Himself does this. 

  • A determined end: This end is being emphasised. 
  • Land: Although G-d is talking primarily to the house of Jacob here, we know prophetically that this end is going to affect the whole earth – not just the land of Israel. 

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