The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 2

We finish off this week by reading Isaiah 11:10-16

v10: In that day: In that day of G-d’s judgment. This is a key indicator that this is speaking about the second coming of Messiah. 

  • Root of Jesse: Referring to Messiah. 
  • Banner: Banners were held up as a sign that proclaimed victory over an enemy. This banner implies something miraculous has taken place. 
  • The Gentiles shall seek Him: This is a reference to every tribe, every nation and every people. This period of time is going to usher in the fulfilment of G-d’s Abrahamic covenant – to be a blessing to the nations, and not only to the Jewish people (Gen 12:3). The Kingdom will be full of Jews and Gentiles. 
  • His resting place shall be glorious: Rest is a word that is related to a Kingdom experience in this age (a rest is celebrated every Shabbat – every 7th day).  G-d’s Kingdom, His resting place, is going to be glorious. When G-d had finished His work after creation He rested (Gen 2:2). This is the same picture we see here.  

v11: In that day: This phrase is repeated over and over again. It speaks about Judgment Day – specifically Messiah returning in His wrath and pouring it out upon the enemies of Israel – those who reject the prophetic promises from G-d. 

  • The L-rd shall set His hand again…the second time: This speaks about a continuation of something. Something has ceased to be but it will be again. 
  • L-rd: Master. Speaking of One who is in charge. 
  • A second time: This is a last day action of G-d. He is again going to bring redemption to His people. 
  • Recover: Literally: Purchase. To buy, to acquire. This carries with it the idea of redemption. 
  • The remnant of His people: The remnant of His people are the Jewish people who are alive in the last days (Zech 13:8-9). 
  • People who are left: This remnant would be made up of those who survive the time called ‘Jacob’s trouble’ (Jer 30:7). They are going to be those who are physically alive to witness the second coming of Messiah. When they see Messiah, they are going to accept Him and understand what He has done as a deliverer (Zech 12 -14). 
  • Pathros: Most scholars believe that this was a northern portion of Egypt.
  • Cush: Possibly Ethiopia of today (Ethiopia is below Egypt and Sudan). 
  • Elam: Thought to be Persia or where modern-day Iran is today. 
  • Shinar: Babylon (modern-day Iraq). 
  • Hamath: Closer to the northern part of Israel (perhaps modern-day Syria).
  • The islands of the sea: The Jewish people aren’t only going to be rescued from the places geographically close to Israel, but they are also going to be rescued from the faraway places. This foreshadows G-d gathering up, once again, a remnant of the Jewish people, from all the places of the world in which they were scattered, and He is going to return them to the Land of Israel.  

v12: Banner: A pole with a message attached to it. This word is also the Hebrew word for a miracle. G-d is going to convey a miraculous message to the nations (this miracle is going to be for a banner/a sign to the nations) when He gathers up the remnant of His people and replants them in their promised land. 

Note: This is NOT speaking of the regathering of the Jewish people after the Babylonian exile. Only those from Judah returned after the Babylonian exile. Israel (as promised in this verse) did not return to the land of Israel at that time. This is speaking of an end-time gathering of both Israel and Judah to the land of Israel – which we are witnessing in our day (this regathering has been happening since AD 70 but since 1948 it has gained momentum). This regathering from the four corners of the earth has not happened in a major way until our days. This regathering will continue until the return of Messiah. 

v13: Note: A healing is going to take place between the 12 tribes of Israel – between Ephraim (northern Israel) and Judah (southern Israel). See Ezekiel 37:15-28

v14: Fly down: Return quickly

Note: This verse speaks about judgment coming upon the enemies of Israel in the last days. 

v15: The tongue of the Sea of Egypt: Referring to the Suez area. 

Note: G-d is going to strike the enemies of Israel. Those Jewish people who are in bondage in these areas in the last days, and who couldn’t return, are going to be able to walk back to the land. 

v16: Highway: A significant pathway or road.

  • The day that he came up from the land of Egypt: Referencing Egypt reminds us of exile. At the end of this age there is going to be one more time when Israel is removed from exile – the first time they were removed from Egypt, the second time they will be removed from the four corners of the world. This second return will far eclipse the exodus from Egypt in significance (Jer 23:7-8). 

Note: This prophecy is for the last days and has not yet been fulfilled in its fullness. At the end of Messiah’s first coming, the temple was destroyed (AD 70) and the Jewish people once again went into exile – this exile was not limited to one country (Egypt, Babylon etc) but this exile was to the four corners of the earth. This regathering only began in earnest less than 80 years ago – after a 2000 year ‘radio silence’. 

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