The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 12

We begin this week by reading Isaiah 12

v1In that day: Judgment Day. For G-d’s New covenant people this is going to be a glorious day that will bring about great joy. 

  • Turned away: G-d’s anger has been removed from. 
  • Comfort: This word in Hebrew is the root word used in Capernaum – ‘village of comfort’. Many of the sages of old say that this word usually appears within a Messianic context. It is through G-d’s comfort that His people receive salvation (Through Yeshua – Yeshua means salvation). 

v2: YAH: This is an abbreviation of the sacred name of G-d (YHWH).

  • He… has become my salvation: G-d Himself, through Messiah the Son of G-d, has saved His people.

v3: You will draw water: This testifies to the individual responding to this message of salvation. 

v4: In that day: Repetition emphasises. 

  • You: Written in the plural – referring to Israel.
  • Declare His deeds among the peoples (nations): In that last moment Israel is going to be used to bring a remnant of the Gentiles to faith (Zech 14:16). At the end, the nations are going to go up to Jerusalem for war. A remnant (small number) of these is going to see G-d’s faithfulness to Israel and they are going to come to salvation. 
  • Make mention: This comes from a Hebrew word that means to remember. 

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