The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 2

We go on to Isaiah 13:6-16

v6: Wail: This is a word for lamenting. It is a word that expresses great sorrow and, oftentimes, great pain as well. It is written here as a commandment. 

  • The Day of the L-rd: This is the clearest textual evidence indicating to us that this is making reference to the last days. 
  • Almighty: (El) Shaddai. It is a term that refers to G-d as the One who is enough. The G-d who is sufficient. A G-d who is Mighty. 

v7: All hands will be limp (will let go): We all cling to things – to sin, to what we want etc. When G-d’s judgment comes no one will be able to hold on to anything. Letting go implies giving up. It implies defeat. 

v8: Pain as a woman in childbirth: Their pain will be extreme.

  • Amazed: Shocked
  • Their faces will be like flames: When a person is being consumed by flames the expression on his face is one of pure agony and terror. That is what this phrase is implying.

v9: Behold: A word that reminds us of the importance of paying attention. What follows the command to ‘behold’ is always of great significance. 

  • Lay the land desolate: The earth will be given over to destruction.
  • Destroy its sinners: The sinners on earth are going to be destroyed and removed from earth. This is very reminiscent of what G-d is going to do in the last days. 

v10: Note: Here we have three expressions of the darkness that is going to come upon this world. Yeshua, in Matthew 24:29-31 and Luke 21:25-28, alluded to these things as last day signs. 

v11: Punish/Visit: This word can be translated in many different ways. It can mean to deposit something (for example, depositing a check in the bank). It can also be a word for G-d acting in a way to redeem something. Alternatively, it can also be a word for G-d’s vengeance or punishment. In this context it is being used as a description of retribution. 

  • Lay low: Humble
  • Terrible: The tyrants. Those who sin intentionally. This means that they understood what they were doing, and after considering the implications they decided to do it anyway – despite knowing that it was wrong.  

v12: Rare: Precious. Not a lot of people left. Humanity is going to become rare. G-d’s judgment is going to empty the earth (Rev 8:11, Rev 9:18, Rev 11:13 etc)

  • The golden wedge of Ophir: According to the commentators, Ophir had a very fine, rare and precious gold. 

v13: Shake: When people are extremely angry they shake. This word being used here gives us a picture of the intensity of G-d’s anger. 

Note: This verse also places this chapter in a last day context. This prophecy has not yet been fulfilled. 

v14: As the hunted gazelle: When a deer is frightened it begins to run. 

  • A sheep that no man (gathers) up: These sheep do not have the protection of a shepherd. As a result, they are vulnerable and will have no defence when G-d’s judgment comes. 
  • Everyone will flee to his own land: The coming of G-d’s judgment causes them to fear and to go back to the place where they feel least vulnerable. 

v15: Thrust through: Pierced. Stabbed

v16: Children: This is a word used for very young children. 

  • Ravished: Humiliated. 

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