The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 14 Part 2

On to Isaiah 14:12-21

v12: Praised: The word used here is not the word ‘lucifer’- although it is referring to satan. It is a word that has to do with praise. satan is a created being, and he was given the assignment or task to praise G-d. satan, however, rebelled against this. 

  • Nations: Those who have no covenantal relationship with G-d through Messiah. They have rejected Messiah. This is why they are in the place of torment, because to reject Messiah is a terrible decision. They believed satan’s lies and they are going to pay for this for eternity. 

v13: You have said in your heart: This is satan’s mindset. 

  • The stars of G-d: satan wanted to be higher than all the angels. 
  • Mount of the congregation (literally: the mountain of the festivals/the appointed times)This is the place where the children of Israel would go and worship G-d on the festival days – the appointed times (ie this is speaking of Jerusalem). satan wants to be the one worshipped in Jerusalem (this is a veiled reference to the abomination of desolation – 2 Thess 2:3-4, Matt 24:15-16, Dan 9:27, Luke 21:20-22). The antichrist is going to demand worship at the time of the end. He will enter the Holy of Holies in the temple in Jerusalem (yet to be built) and he will demand to be worshipped.
  • On the farthest sides of the north: In Leviticus 1:11 we see a very similar phrase. In Leviticus, this north side is a reference to the altar. satan (and this will be borne out by the actions of the final antichrist) desires sacrifices to be made to him in Jerusalem. 

v14: Most High: El Elyon. satan did not want to praise, thank or serve G-d. He wanted to be G-d.

v15: The lowest depths (this is the same word that is translated ‘farthest sides’ in Isaiah 14:13) of the pit: This is a play on words. In Isaiah 14:13 satan’s desire was to be worshipped on the farthest sides of the north, instead now we see him being thrown into the farthest sides of the pit. satan’s plans are not going to succeed. 

v16: You: Referring to satan or satan incarnate (ie the final antichrist)

  • Those who see you: They are going to understand (satan’s defeat).
  • Consider you: Observed you. They paid close attention, close scrutiny, to this defeat.
  • The man who made the earth tremble: He was the instrument that brought about fear and destruction. 
  • Shook: The same word means ‘made a great noise’. It is also a word used in regard to an earthquake. Earthquakes shake and destroy. 

v17: Wilderness: Desert. A place of emptiness. 

  • Did not open the house of his prisoners: Military terminology is used here. Usually after a war ends, and the leader has been done away with (executed), the prisoners are set free and are allowed to return home – even though they might have supported that deposed leader and been a part of his empire. However, what this verse is telling us is that those who unwisely joined in and sided with the enemies of G-d will not have the opportunity to return home. They will never be free. 

v18: Sleep in glory: Evil leaders and good/successful leaders all enjoyed a degree of glory (significance) while they reigned. Even in their death they have a ‘glorious’ sendoff. 

  • House: This could simply mean a place of habitation but is most likely a reference to their graves (as borne out within the context of Isaiah 14:19). 

v19: You: Speaking of satan (and of satan incarnate – the final antichrist).

  • Cast out of your grave: The antichrist, who carries out the plans of satan, is not going to have any glory in death whatsoever. Even evil leaders (like Stalin) have had massive tombs, but this final antichrist is not going to have any of that. 
  • Abominable: Abhorrent. A rotten, loathsome, abomination of a branch (the exact opposite of the true Branch – Isaiah 11:1). 
  • The garment of those who are slain, thrust through with the sword: When a person is stabbed to death repeatedly his garments are sliced open in multiple places and they are full of blood. This is the image being portrayed here. There is no glory in these garments, only shame. 
  • Corpse: Dead person
  • Trodden under foot: An image depicting defeat. satan, the antichrist, and those who have joined with them are going to be cast into the pit, the lake of fire. This lake burns with fire, brimstone and sulphur forever (Rev 19:20, Isaiah 66:24). Eternal death. 

v20: Destroyed your land and slain your people: satan incarnate (the antichrist) is going to be judged because he was not a good steward of what was in his possession. G-d never gave the world to him, but he took it anyway. He was cast out of the heavens (‘handed over’) and instead of repenting after being cast out (1 Cor 5:5) he carried on in his sin and arrogance. 

  • Never be named: There will be no memory of them. They will not have a covenantal relationship with G-d. They have no hope or purpose other than continual and eternal destruction. 

v21: Cities: Growth has to do with prosperity. Isaiah is using a variety of different terms in order to say that they have no future. They will not achieve anything from an eternal standpoint. They will be cut off and no one will remember them. They will be spending eternity in the condemnation, wrath and eternal judgment of G-d.

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