The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 16 Part 2

On to Isaiah 16:6-9

Verse 6: “We have heard about this intelligent one of Moab – he has great pride and intelligence –his wrath it will not be, thus his lies. 

  • Intelligent: Referring to a worldly intelligence. This intelligence can very quickly lead to pride. Grammatically, in Hebrew, there is a close relationship between the word for ‘intelligence’ and the word for ‘pride’. This pride and intelligence of the king of Moab are not utilised in the truth of G-d, but in the ways of the world. This is going to lead to him becoming a recipient of the wrath of G-d. 
  • Great pride and intelligence: He uses his intelligence for a selfish purpose. 
  • His lies: He believes he can deceive others. He may deceive many, but he’s not going to deceive G-d. Therefore, for this pride and deceit, G-d’s judgment will come upon this nation. Isaiah’s prophecy warns the people to flee from Moab before this judgment falls. 

v7: Therefore: Because of this judgment that is coming.

  • Wail: Howl. This is a lamentation, an expression of grief.
  • Moab shall wail for Moab: They will be grieved because of what is happening to themselves individually, but also because of what is happening to them as a nation. 
  • Kir Hareseth: Many scholars believe that this glorious and splendid city could have been the capital city of Moab. See 2 Kings 3:24-25. When King Jehoram placed judgment on Moab, he left this city’s foundations intact. This city’s stones remained in place – even though the people were cut down. In this prophecy this will not be the case – all of this city will be destroyed – not even its foundations will be spared. 
  • Mourn…they are stricken (broken): There will be a total annihilation that takes place in this place, and this is going to cause great grief. 
  • They: All the inhabitants or residents of Moab. 

v8: The fields … will languish: Not only will the cities experience the judgment of G-d, but also the more rural areas – the fields and the lands. 

  • Choice plants (vines): The chief places (the very best places) in Moab will receive judgment. 
  • Jazer: Another important city in Moab. 
  • Her branches (shoots): This image alludes to Moab’s future. 
  • Stretched out (literally: Abandoned): Left alone to decay. No one will care for her or pay any attention to her. 
  • Over the sea: These branches/shoots are going to try to find help and assistance and they will go even as far as the sea (far from Moab/Jordan). The implication, however, is that this will not be a source of rejuvenation for them. Vines needs pure water, not sea water. Even though these shoots make it to the sea they will receive no help or positive result from it. 

v9: I will bewail…weeping…drench you with my tears: Isaiah was affected by this prophecy that he was given in regard to Moab. He responded in a physical and in an emotional way to it. He sees that G-d’s judgment on Moab is going to be so complete, and this grieves him. 

  • Sibmah…Jazer…Heshbon and Elealeh: Chief cities in Moab.
  • Battle cries: (literally: Triumphant shouts have fallen silent): There is no joy in this harvest. 
  • Summer fruits: When it is time to harvest the fruit some of it is good and so is taken off the tree etc immediately. However, not all of the fruit ripens at once, so some of the fruit is left on the trees for a longer period of time in order to ripen. The hope is that later on in the summer this fruit will mature and will be able to be harvested. This verse tells us that this hope is not going to be fulfilled – this harvest is not going to end with shouts of joy.

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