The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 19 Part 1

We go on to Isaiah 19:1-4

Biblically there is no such thing as “National salvation” (where an entire nation is saved). There is not going to be a national salvation for Egypt, Assyria or for Israel. However, a remnant from those nations is going to be saved. In Genesis 15:18 the land promised to Abraham and to his descendants (those who declared righteous through faith and not through works – Gen 15:6, Roms 9:6-8) includes parts of the land of Egypt and parts of the land of Assyria. Parts of these lands (empires) are going to be included in the Kingdom promise of the land of Israel.

Some people claim that G-d is no longer interested in real estate. This is not true. Land is of the utmost importance concerning the promises, the program, and the purposes of G-d. To rightly understand this chapter, we need to understand the significance of the land that is mentioned. G-d is going to do something in this land to bring about the fulfilment of His promises. 

v1: Burden: A weight or a destruction. Initially, in this prophecy, G-d speaks to Egypt and warns them that they are going to suffer destruction. They are going to also be recipients of the judgment of G-d. 

  • The L-rd rides on a swift cloud: This judgment that will come upon Egypt is of a heavenly origin. G-d has mandated it. 
  • Totter: (literally: shake). This shaking, a term for judgment, causes destruction (a change from what was). The purpose of this is to destroy those things which are hindering the purposes of G-d. G-d is going to destroy the influence of idolatry in this nation. G-d’s holiness is going to come into this place and is going to destroy idolatry, and all those who have an idolatrous heart. G-d’s judgment is for the purpose of change. Through judgment, G-d calls people unto Himself. 

Note: G-d, who is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34-35), does not love one nation more than other, or one individual more than other individual. G-d does not have favourites. G-d can, however, in His sovereignty, give a calling to a particular nation or people. Being a “chosen people” does NOT mean being a favourite people. Being “chosen” means to be called by G-d to fulfil His purposes – to share His gospel message to all those who have not heard it (Ie: G-d loves all people. His desire is to forgive sin and to redeem everyone eternally). One of the purposes of G-d’s judgment is to bring about a remnant who will respond to Him. 

v2: I will set …everyone will fight: G-d is going to cause conflict or division (Matt 10:34-36). The truth of G-d, His gospel, brings division. Some people receive it. Many people reject it. 

  • Kingdom against kingdom: The different tribal groups will be against each other. What we can expect in the last days is tribal conflict in various places throughout the world (Mark 13:8). 

v3: The spirit of Egypt: This spirit was/is an idolatrous spirit.

  • Fail: Be emptied out. It is going to be weakened. This judgment is going to cause a change. A remnant is going to conclude that idolatry, the worship of false G-ds, is not the right way. 
  • Destroy: Swallow up or devour. 
  • Counsel: Their thought process. Their own perspective on things. 
  • They will consult the idols: Although a remnant undergoes a change, the vast majority of the people are still going to turn to and consult their idols. 
  • Charmers…mediums…sorcerers: Instruments/vessels of idolatrous practices (connotation, sorcery, and enchantment). 

v4: The Egyptians I will give into the hand of a cruel master: They are going to experience the result of what idolatry leads to – demonic influence and leadership. They are going to be given over to these idolatrous spirits.

  • A fierce king: This could be referring to the final antichrist (Dan 8:23-25), or it could be referring to one who has the spirit of the antichrist. This verse alludes to the possibility that the majority of Egypt will enter into the evil antichrist empire in the last days, and they will be given over to it. 

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