The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 19 Part 2

Isaiah 19:5-10 is what we read next. 

v5: Waters: Biblically, water (whether it’s rain, dew or water in general) is seen as a blessing. When water dries up, and things become arid, this is a symbol of judgment. One of the things that made Egypt a strong, powerful and a mighty empire was its water – the Nile River. 

  • Fail: Evaporate. Dry up. The source of Egypt’s power, her water, is going to be removed. 

v6: Rivers: The Nile has many different tributaries that branch off it and form large rivers of their own (the Blue Nile etc). 

  • Foul: The rivers are going stink. They are going to give off a vile and repugnant smell as they dry up. 

v7: Papyrus: This wood was useful and significant. It had many purposes.

  • Everything sown by the River: All the seeds and vegetation along the Nile River. 
  • Driven away: It’s going to become very brittle, and therefore the wind will just push it away. 
  • Be no more: Egypt’s disobedience and failure to acknowledge G-d is going to result in them losing resources and earthly authority. Instead of experiencing blessing from G-d they are going to experience a curse. Egypt was going to no longer be strong, but was going to become weak. 

v8: The fisherman… will mourn: A good river produces food. These fishermen are going to mourn, lament and languish as they are going to get no response (fish) from the waters. Their business or livelihood is going to fail, and this is going to cause them great misery. 

v9: Fine flax…good fabric: The linen (eg: Egyptian cotton etc) and fabrics are going to become inferior, and this is going to cause shame to the Egyptians. 

v10: Its foundations will be broken: The foundation of a nation reflects their spiritual condition. Those nations who have a right spiritual condition will have a foundation that is strong and that can be built on. Those who build on a bad spiritual foundation will soon find that their foundations are crumbling (Ps 11:3). Egypt’s foundations are going to crumble. 

  • All who (work for a) wage will be troubled: Egypt’s economy is going to collapse and be destroyed. 
  • Troubled of soul: Made sad. 

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