The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Our next portion is Isaiah 2:6-11

v6: Forsaken: Abandoned. Literally: Pounded, smote. Israel, the house of Jacob, was far removed from the call of G-d. Because of that they were going to go through a period of hardship or judgment. In Israel’s history there have been many times of hardship, but the most difficult period for them is yet future (Jer 30:4-9, Zech 13:8 – 9). 

  • Filled with eastern ways: Instead of filling themselves up with the Word of G-d they had filled themselves up with Eastern influences and practices – the occult and idolatry.

v7: Full of silver and gold: Wealth and prosperity are not proof that a person has a lifestyle that is pleasing to G-d. At that time the Jewish people were exceedingly wealthy and powerful. However, this was temporary. G-d was going to bring about a change – He was going to give them over to the nations so that the nations could deal with them (be instrumental in their discipline) as a consequence of them forsaking the Word of G-d. 

v9: People bow down: Referring to idolatry.

  • Humbles himself: They are not bowing down to G-d but are humbling themselves before idols. 
  • Do not forgive them: This is a call from G-d for their punishment or judgment. 

v10: Enter into: Hide themselves

  • Terror: This is not referring to the fear of the L-rd that results in the respect, honouring or reverence of the L-rd. This is speaking of a negative kind of fear – being terrified. G-d, knowing all things, is acquainted with their sinfulness and He’s going to move against them.  

v11: Lofty (haughty) looks: Eyes that that are prideful. 

  • That day: The phrase used in Hebrew is a phrase that is used to reference the Day of the L-rd, the day of judgment. Israel is going to go through her greatest suffering during this time.  

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