The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 3

We end off chapter 2 by reading Isaiah 2:12-22

v13: All the cedars…all the oaks: Referring to the trees whose wood was frequently used to make idols. G-d is going to deal with, and bring low, everything related to idolatry, everything which exists to exalt itself or is established in pride. 

v14: Mountains: Mountains were also a place of idolatry.

v15: High tower … every fortified wall: G-d is going to move against everything that personifies power and earthly splendour. 

v16: Ships of Tarshish: Tarshish was known for sea transportation. Their ships transported many possessions and great wealth. 

  • Upon all the beautiful sloops: G-d is going to bring down and judge all the human wealth and splendour.

v17: Bowed down: Made low. Phil 2:10-11

  • The L-rd alone will be exalted: The judgment of G-d ultimately manifests G-d’s glory. 
  • In that day: On the day of judgment

v19: Go into the holes of the rocks: Caves. Rev 6:15-17

v20: That day: Repetition shows emphasis. Over and over again we see this phrase being used. It is only after judgment that the Kingdom of G-d can be established on earth. 

  • Cast away his idols: People are going to realise how worthless their idols are. 
  • Moles and bats: Unclean animals. 

v21: Note: These verses punctuate, over and over again, that G-d’s judgment is going to come. 

v22: Sever yourselves from such a man: The implication is that we should get away from an idolatrous man. We should separate ourselves from him – 2 Cor 6:17

  • Breath is in his nostrils: This is a Hebrew idiom for one who is very angry. When cartoons are drawn of an angry man, he is depicted with smoke coming out of his nostrils. This is the same concept here. This is speaking about an individual who has an angry spirit. The joy of the L-rd is not in him. They are angry because they are frustrated. They are trying to exalt themselves, but it has proven to be futile. 
  • For of what account is he?: This kind of man will be given no consideration in the Kingdom. He will be a forgotten man among the congregation of the Redeemed. When we understand the reality of the Kingdom of G-d we are going to live very differently. We will pursue the things of the Kingdom and will not engage in anything that is false or idolatrous. The praise (exaltation) should never go to us, but all glory and praise needs to be given to G-d. 

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  1. Love to learn to understand questions . . I am a slow learner . Who as nuerogical damage. But I get a picture. Of the teaching . You are most welcome to use my e mail for interaction. . Its nice I learn and fully understand . My born again. Journey. I am being grafting into the vine . Shalom

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