The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 22 Part 3

Our first reading for this week is a short one: Isaiah 22:12-14

v12: L-rd: The first word ‘L-rd’ refers to G-d as the Master. The second word ‘G-d’ refers to G-d as the transcendent One (YHWH). 

  • Weeping… mourning… baldness (shaving of their heads)… girding with sackcloth: These are all outward signs of repentance. G-d was calling on the people to repent. The people were taking physical action in order to try to survive, but what they really needed to do was to take spiritual action or make spiritual preparation. Isaiah was doing this. He was weeping and mourning (Isaiah 22:4). This was a time for grief and sorrow – not a time for being comforted. 

v13: Note: These people did not want to weep and mourn and lament. They had no desire to repent and to turn to G-d. They did not believe that G-d would be forgiving, that He would renew His covenant or that He would save His people (2 Chron 7:14). 

In this verse, in the middle of desperate times, these people realise the futility of their actions. All their human effort, and all they have done to preserve themselves, is not going to provide victory for them. They realise that their time is limited. They have no interest or desire to cry out to G-d – weeping and repenting while there is still an opportunity to do so. Instead, they want to spend themselves on one last party, one final pleasure. They desire to kill the calf, slaughter the sheep, eat the meat and drink the wine. They give no thought to G-d and to the age to income, instead they want to please their flesh. These people knew and understood that there were enemies and conflicts in this world. They had heard and seen the news. What they did not believe, however, was that what they were experiencing was a judgment from G-d. G-d was far away from their thoughts and actions. 

v14: It was revealed in my hearing: This is an idiom. This is G-d’s perspective on what is going on.

  • For this iniquity there will be no atonement for you: G-d would have been willing and able to forgive the people for this iniquity. These people, however, were so far removed from G-d, that it was not even a thought that crossed their minds that they were in need of repentance or forgiveness. 

Note: Nothing goes on in this world that G-d is not aware of. He plays an active role in this world. The people did not believe in an active, intimate G-d who was part of every aspect of their lives. When our lives do not reflect this awareness of G-d, we are going to live very displeasing lives before Him – the outcome of which is eternal death. All our decisions and all our actions need to be based on the truth of Scripture. 

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