The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 24 Part 2

We go on to a short portion: Isaiah 24:7-13

v7: The new wine fails: We see so often in the prophets that the produce of the land, or the lack thereof, reflects the spiritual condition of G-d’s people.

  • Languishes: It is miserable or loathsome. 
  • Merry-hearted: An idiom for those who rejoice. 
  • Sigh: An expression of grief, sorrow or great pain/discomfort. The people are not experiencing comfort (2 Cor 1:3-4). 

v8: Mirth: The joy. The happiness.

  • Ceases: The word ‘shabbat’. This is a word that speaks of a stopping. 

Note: There is no more joyful music. Everything stops because G-d is displeased as He (and His laws) has been disrespected.

v9: Wine…strong drink: Usually associated with celebrations, rejoicing and banquets. These will be no more, as there will be nothing to celebrate. 

v10: Confusion: Confusion is related to the absence of G-d’s order, due to a rejection of G-d’s purposes. 

  • None may go in: In a happy society, people visit one another. Here, however, the homes are closed up. There will not be a reason for people to visit one another. The only thing the people will be thinking about is the suffering that they are experiencing. 

v11: Wine: Wine is related to joy. The absence of joy causes them to cry out in the streets. 

  • All joy is darkened: Those who had been glad have become gloomy or dark. 
  • Mirth of the land has gone (literally: into exile): Joy has gone into exile. ‘Exile’ is a word that is used in reference to G-d’s punishment. It is what happens to those who reject G-d’s purposes. When we choose our own purposes, we are inviting G-d’s punishment into our lives, but when we choose His purposes, we are inviting His provision into our lives. 

v12: The gate is stricken with destruction: This is a Hebrew idiom. When the gate of a city is captured, it means that the city has been captured, defeated. 

v13: In the midst of the land among the people: What is happening to the world is also going to happen to the people.

  • The shaking of an olive tree: This is an idiom for harvesting. When they harvest the olive trees, they shake the trees so that the olives can fall to the ground. A harvest is related to the concept of a payday. This payday is going to go one of two possible ways for all people – either G-d is going to look upon our faithfulness and He is going to reward us, or He will look at our unfaithfulness and we will receive His punishment. 

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