The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 25 Part 2

Isaiah 25:6-9

v6: This mountain: In this second half of Isaiah 25 this location, ‘this mountain’, is emphasized. Many believe that ‘this mountain’ is speaking about the mountain (government) of the L-rd i.e. The Temple Mount. Yeshua – the Messiah King – is going to rule from this place (Isaiah 2:2-4). 

  • L-rd of hosts: This is a name of G-d that speaks about His power, strength, and sovereignty. He is able to do what He has said He will do. 
  • Will make (do): This is speaking about what G-d is going to literally do, from this mountain, for the people who are in covenant with Him. 
  • Choice pieces: A word that can also mean oil or the fat of the meat – usually associated with the best aspect of the meat. 

Note: Many say this verse is reminiscent to the great wedding banquet in Rev 19:7-9. John and Isaiah agree that there is going to be feasting, a banquet of the best foods and wines. 

  • Fat things full of marrow: The words used here in Hebrew allude to that which is prepared in a delicate or careful manner. 
  • Well refined: This wine has gone through a careful process so that it can be used to its full potential. 
  • Wines: Wine in the Scripture is synonymous with joy. G-d is promising that through His rule He will make an abundant feast for His people. This feast will consist of choice foods and wine that has been specifically prepared to bring great joy. 

v7: Destroy (literally: Swallow): This is a word that speaks of a change that is coming. It is a word that can be used in reference to judgment – that which is consumed, that which is done away with. G-d is going to devour or bring something to an end. 

  • The surface (the face) of a covering: This is like a veil which is cast over all mankind. G-d is going to remove this veil that keeps us from seeing, beholding, or understanding the essence of His glory. Obviously, we will never know everything, but this speaks about a change for us. The glory of G-d is going to be manifested to us in a greater way in His Kingdom.
  • Spread over all nations: This veil is something that all of humanity have had in common. It is something that has separated or hidden us from G-d’s Presence. However, through G-d’s judgment, on this mountain, this veil is going to be removed. 

v8: Swallowed: This is the same word used in Isaiah 25:7 (even though many of the English translations have rendered them as two different words). It is a word that speaks of a transition or change. 

  • He has swallowed up death: Even though this is still a future event, from our perspective, it is an event that, from G-d’s perspective, is as good as done, therefore written in the past tense in the original Hebrew. 
  • Wipe away tears: See Rev 21:4
  • All faces: Referring to every face of those who are in a covenantal relationship with Him and therefore are in His Kingdom with Him. No one will enter into the Kingdom of G-d without being in a new covenant relationship with G-d through Messiah. This covenant is established by faith, by the grace of G-d, in the sufficiency of the work of Messiah. 
  • Rebuke: Contempt. The reproach, the shame.
  • The L-rd He has spoken: This is a term of promise. 

v9: Note: This verse gives us the clearest indication that we are indeed talking about the last days. This verse is not speaking about something that has already happened, but about something that still has to happen. 

  • That day: Judgment Day – that day that gives way to the Kingdom of G-d.
  • Salvation: This is the meaning of the name Yeshua . It speaks of a Kingdom victory – the outcome of overcoming the enemy through the grace and work of G-d that He bestows on us. 

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