The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 25 Part 3

A very short portion to end off this week: Isaiah 25:10-12

v10: This mountain: Jerusalem (the temple mount).

  • Hand: Hand speaks about power, strength, ability and also G-d’s authority.
  • Moab: An enemy of Israel that tried to prohibit them from entering into the land (Israel entering into the Promised Land is a parallel picture of G-d’s New Covenant people entering into the Kingdom of G-d). 
  • Refuse: Dung. Manure.
  • Straw trampled down for the refuse heap: This hay has no significance whatsoever. That is what this verse is saying about Moab, and not only Moab, but all people, or nations, that try to prohibit or thwart the plans and purposes of G-d. 

v11: Hands: Authority. Power. 

  • Midst: This could either be referring to G-d spreading out His hands in the midst of the mountain or in the midst of His people. 
  • As he who swims spreads out his hands to swim: Swimmers stroke their arms/hands in the water in a very specific manner, each stroke has a specific purpose, and these strokes help the swimmers to arrive in a very specific location. This is what G-d is going to do. He is going to move in a very specific way and for a very specific purpose to arrive at His desired outcome – His Kingdom purposes. 
  • Bring down: Make lowHumble. 
  • Trickery: This is not the word for ‘trickery’ but is the word for ambush. An ambush surprises. An ambush captures one off guard.  

v12: Walls: Walls speak of security. 

  • Bring down: Humbled. All of humanity’s attempts to resist G-d, and war against Him, are going to be brought to nothing. 

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