The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 27 Part 1

On to Isaiah 27:1-6

This chapter carries a warning: beware to those who want to attack Israel. There is a covenantal relationship between G-d and Israel. Throughout the years, Israel has suffered greatly at the hands of her enemies, but also, at times, because of the discipline of G-d.  However, in the last days, G-d is going to move to pour judgment upon this world, and, in doing so, He is going to reaffirm His relationship (His covenant) with the sons of Jacob. A 1/3rd remnant of Israel is going to experience G-d’s redemption and restoration back to the promises and purposes of G-d.

There are strong textual indicators within this chapter that tell us that it has to do with the last days – the final redemption that Messiah will bring about when He returns in order to set up His Kingdom.

v1: In that day: An expression that is now familiar to us … a day of judgment, specifically that final day of Judgment.

  • Great: Large
  • Strong: Hard. Not breakable.
  • The L-rd will punish (literally the same word that we have seen again and again for ‘visit’): See Ex 15:3. G-d fights the battle for His people. G-d will be totally invested in this. He will act in a mighty and thorough manner. 
  • Leviathan: A large sea monster. It comes from the sea and has satanic connections. In Rev 13:1 we are told of a beast that rises up out of the sea in the last days. This beast is an empire that rises out of great instability and chaos in the world (Prophetically the sea represents instability). G-d is going to bring judgment on this monster that rises out of the sea (the antichrist empire). 
  • Fleeing: This word can be translated to flee (to leave one location in order to rapidly go to another – the primary objective is simply to be gone, to not remain). However, this word can also speak of a deadbolt for a door – that deadbolt giving strength to the door. In this context the latter meaning could be the better translation of this word as it describes the strong serpent that G-d is going to do battle with. 
  • Serpent/Snake: This is one of the words that is used to describe satan (Gen 3, Rev 12:9)
  • Twisted: That which perverts. That which is deceitful. That which is not upright. satan entices people, who are under his influence, to behave in crooked ways. 
  • He will slay: G-d is going to go to battle with His enemy and He is going to destroy him with His great, strong and large sword (Heb 4:12, 2 Thess 2:8). 

v2: (Sing) – literally: ‘They answer to her (Israel)’. This word has nothing to do with singing. It is a word that means to answer or to respond. Most of the ancient scholars of Judaism say that the plural word used here (‘They’) represents the heavenly court – those who we see assembled in Daniel 7:9. Those in this court are going to answer Israel and are going to speak to her about the faithfulness of G-d (see within the context of Isaiah 27:3)

  • A vineyard: Israel (Isaiah 5:7)
  • (Fine) red wine: This is something that is desired or coveted. Israel is being depicted here as a fine or desirable wine. 

v3: Keeper: The tense used here indicates that G-d keeps it continuously. G-d faithfully keeps Israel throughout all her different time allotments. He has preserved the seed of Israel, the heritage of Jacob. 

  • I water it: G-d has nurtured and cared for her.
  • Lest any hurt (visit) it: The word translated ‘hurt’ here is exactly the same word translated ‘punish’ in Isaiah 27:1, but it is literally the word ‘to visit’. The one who would do the ‘visiting’ here is not G-d but is referring to the enemies of Israel – those who would visit her in order to destroy her. satan thinks that if he destroys Israel then the purposes and plans of G-d would not be able to be fulfilled, as G-d’s plan to establish His Kingdom on Earth is dependent upon Israel’s response to Him (Matt 23:37-39 – G-d is speaking specifically to Israel in these verses. It is only when Israel says ‘Blessed is He – Messiah- who comes in the name of the L-rd’ that Messiah will come again to be seen by all.)

v4: Fury: Anger. The word is literally ‘heat’. It speaks of a red-hot anger. 

  • Fury (I do not have): In regard to Israel, G-d is not going to be angry with her (the context is: on Judgment Day). 
  • Briars and thorns: It is not easy to go through a field of thistles and thorns. G-d, however, can very easily go through any obstacles. 
  • Go through them… burn them together: G-d is going to use the weaponry that the enemy employs in an attempt to hinder the purposes of G-d. In judging them, He is going to use their own weaponry against them. There are examples of this in Scripture – see 2 Chron 20:22-24. Here we see that the swords of the enemies were not used against G-d’s covenant people, but they were used against each other. The enemies became confused and therefore fought in a way that destroyed themselves and not the people of G-d. 

v5: Or: This word shows a choice. G-d gives His enemies (those who want to thwart His plans and purposes) a choice, an alternative to their fate in Isaiah 27:4. 

  • Take hold of: In Hebrew there is a kind of play on words here. To ‘hold onto’ means to be strengthened. And then the verse goes on to speak of G-d’s strength. There is a double strength happening here. When we hold onto G-d’s strength and power then we ourselves are strengthened. Through clinging to Him we have access to His power. 
  • Peace: An outcome of the fulfilment of G-d’s will. 
  • Peace with Me: G-d’s desire, His objective, is to be at peace (Ps 120:7, Isaiah 9:6, Roms 16:20). Peace between G-d and man can only be achieved through covenant (Roms 5:1). 

v6: Those who come: These days are yet future from Isaiah’s perspective. Most scholars believe that this is what G-d is going to do in the last days. 

  • Israel shall blossom and bud (flower): Israel will be a nation that blossoms and flourishes.
  • Fill the face of the world with fruit: The calling of Israel was to be a blessing and a light to the nations (Gen 12:2-3, Isaiah 49:6). They were called to reflect the righteousness of G-d. They never fulfilled their calling. At the end of the last days this is going to change. The remnant of Israel will do what they were called to do – i.e. reflect the righteousness of G-d. 

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