The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 28 Part 2

Our last reading for this week is Isaiah 28:7-15

v7: They: The current leadership.

  • Erred: They have been led astray 
  • Swallowed up by wine: They had the wrong perspective and were under the wrong influence (not under the influence of the Holy Spirit). They were simply seeking self-gratification.
  • They err in vision: They see things incorrectly.
  • Stumble: TotterThey did not remain strong. 
  • Stumble in judgment: They were unable to make right decisions. 

v8: Tables: These are the places where the administrators (the judges) would sit and give out their verdict.

  • Vomit and filthiness (literally: manure). Their language was revolting – like vomit and excrement. 
  • No place is clean: Their judgments were corrupted. 

v9: Those just weaned from milk: Those who were more knowledgeable were not those who had lived for a long time, those who were old and, presumably, wise. On the contrary, Isaiah gives us a description of very young children – slightly older than toddlers. 

Note: The message in this verse is this: those who are young have not been significantly influenced by society. The implication here is that they are still innocent. They have not matured enough to become corrupted and are still at an age where they can be taught. This verse speaks of the next generation. G-d is putting together His plans to bring about a change through the next generation (an example of this would be similar to the 40 years spent in the wilderness. G-d waited for the 1st generation and their bad habits to die in the wilderness. He was then able to work with the second/next generation and take them into the Promised Land).

v10: Note: This speaks of a very simplistic way of understanding something. It is not looking at the whole structure but building up things slowly, one thing on top of the other – piece by piece. G-d is going to continue with His plans and purposes, but He is going to do so through the young, uncorrupted people. He is going to teach them things little by little, one step at a time. They are the ones who are going to be able to follow His simple instructions. 

  • Line: Frequently in the Bible a line refers to a measuring line.

v11: This people: The adults. The so-called ‘enlightened ones’. The rulers/leaders of society. 

Note: G-d’s simple instructions are going to be seen by society, but society will not put any value in them. G-d’s instructions are going to be like a different tongue/foreign language to them. They are going to mock the simplicity of the gospel…the Word of G-d. 

v12: He said: G-d is speaking. 

  • Rest…refreshing: Yeshua spoke about His yoke being light and His burden being easy (Matt 11:28-30. Here, G-d is inviting the people to take His yoke upon them so that they are able to rest. The people, however, do not respond to His invitation as they do not want to hear the simple truth from the L-rd. 

v13: Fall backward…be broken…snared…caught: G-d gives them simple truth but they do not take hold of it and nor do they respond to it. As a result, they stumble backwards, they are broken, and they are captured – they are taken. Instead of going forward they go backwards.

v14: Note: So far in this chapter G-d has been addressing the people of Ephraim – the northern kingdom. In this verse there is a change – here the southern kingdom (Judah/Jerusalem) are being addressed. Judah saw what happened to the northern kingdom. They knew that the leaders in the north were ungodly and sought the gratification of their flesh. The north were influenced by the nations – wanting to be like them rather than wanting to be a treasured and peculiar people, a people set apart by the Word of G-d and for the purposes of G-d. This caused the northern kingdom to go into exile. Isaiah is calling the people in the southern kingdom to listen, to pay attention so that those who are in Jerusalem do not go along the same path that their brothers did. 

v15: Made a covenant with death: This was the problem. Those in Jerusalem were not trusting in G-d and nor were they committed to the covenant of G-d. Their response to G-d’s prophetic word of a coming judgment was not to humble themselves, not to repent, not to trust in the instructions of G-d but instead to make a covenant with death and Sheol (the place of the dead). 

  • Scourge: WhipAn instrument of punishment. They think that the punishment of G-d is just going to pass them by. The false prophets were saying that G-d’s punishment would not touch Judah. They were trusting in the fact that their capital was Jerusalem and that nothing could touch Jerusalem. 
  • Lies…falsehood: G-d is pointing out that their confidence is in lies and falsehood. The lies have led them to believe that they are going to be safe and protected around Jerusalem. 

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