The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 28 Part 3

On to Isaiah 28:16-22

v16: Note: This verse ushers in a change. The people of Judah (just like the people today) have wandered far from the will of G-d. G-d is going to do something to bring about great change – He is going to set Messiah in position. Messiah is going to be established in this world. He is going to rule and reign from Jerusalem. Yeshua’s presence is going to bring about great change in the world – just like His presence in our lives also brings great transformation in us each individually.

  • Therefore: Meaning: because of their spiritual condition, because of the behaviour of the people of G-d something is going to happen. 
  • L-rd G-d: This name of G-d, in this construction, does not appear that frequently in Scripture. Many of the Rabbinical scholars point out that when this phrase appears it speaks about a unique occurrence – something that is happening that is not frequent, but something that is rare and highly significant.
  • Behold: G-d is calling us to pay attention. 
  • I lay: G-d is doing this. He is active and He is moving in this situation to carry out His will. 
  • Zion: Zion is a Kingdom word. Whenever it appears in the Scripture it gives that passage a Kingdom context.
  • Stone: No one in Judaism or Christianity disagree that this stone is a reference to Messiah. Judaism obviously disagrees with who this Messiah is. We know that this is referring to Yeshua. 
  • A stone of testing: The tense used here (present tense) does not mean that this stone has been tried (tested) and found faithful – although Yeshua was tested and was found faithful. Instead, the emphasis of this phrase is that this stone is going to be used as a stone of comparison. Human lives will be held up to this ‘stone’ and based upon the outcome (what this comparison reveals) there’s going to be action. This action is going to be highly significant and very powerful. It is going to bring about a change in this world and among the true people of G-d.
  • Precious cornerstone: Yeshua holds everything together.
  • A sure foundation: This is referring to a foundation which has already been laid.
  • WHOEVER believes: The implication of this is that ‘whoever believes in Him…’. 
  • Will not act hastily: That is, will not be easily moved. 

v17: Measuring line: A measuring line is used in order to build things properly. If we want the Kingdom to be built up properly that measuring line that goes out has to be based in justice. 

  • Plummet: Plumb line. Plumb lines make sure that what is being built is centred correctly. Both the measuring line and the plumb line bring order into a construction. 
  • Hail: Prophetically in the past (Ex 9:13-32) and in the future (Rev 16:21) G-d is going to use hail to bring about a change, to destroy that which is not pleasing to Him. Hail causes destruction. 
  • Sweep away the refuge of lies: Falsehood (eg from false prophets/false teachers etc) is no longer going to be a shelter for individuals.
  • Waters: The word used here in Hebrew is a word that speaks about a flood that comes about very quickly. It is a flood that brings about destruction in a very fast manner. 

v18: Note: This is G-d answer to the people in response to what they had claimed in Isaiah 28:15.

  • Covenant: A contract
  • Annulled: (literally: Atoned for). It will be considered null and void. 
  • You will be trampled down: Those who have made an agreement with death and Sheol (possibly participated with the antichrist – satan incarnate) are going to be trampled down. 

v19: It: Referring to this judgment that is going to take place. 

  • Terror: Great fear. A fear which is astonishing and paralyzing.

Note: G-d’s end time judgment on the children of Israel is going to go way beyond what they ever thought. This is reminiscent to the shock that they had when they saw the walls of Jerusalem broken into, when they saw the temple set on fire and the destruction that followed.

  • Understand the report: Paul tells us that faith comes by hearing (Roms 10:17). What G-d is doing here (to His land and to His people), and the report that we are hearing, is a way to bring about faith. 

v20: Note: This is not a comfortable bed that they are lying in. The covering does not do what it is intended to do. All the promises that the false prophets made have not materialised. Their promises are far removed from reality. They are pale in comparison to the truth of what is happening here. 

v21: Angry as in the valley of Gibeon: See 1 Chron 14:16-17. David went to war with the Philistines, and he chased them from this location. Gibeon is also mentioned in Joshua 10. 

  • His awesome work: (literally: strange deed). Normally G-d moves to judge the enemy and give victory to His people. Some people see this as a strange action, as G-d is bringing judgment upon His own people. 
  • His unusual (foreign) act: Most of the rabbinical scholars see this relating to G-d behaving not as we would expect Him to behave. He is acting in a strange or foreign way by bringing judgment on His own people. He does this as a way of manifesting His righteousness and justice. He does this in order to bring about a change – so that His standards will be truly met by those who survive (the remnant). 

v22: Now: This is a word of urgency.

  • Mockers: Scoffers. Do not speak about what G-d is doing in an incorrect manner. 
  • Bonds: Cords. Some see this as a picture of exile. Others see this as their punishment. Either way, it speaks of something that is not good. 
  • Destruction determined: G-d’s going to bring things to an end. This end is an end of things as we know them now, but this end is the beginning of new things. G-d has determined an end of Israel’s disobedience, of Israel not walking according to true prophetic revelation. G-d is going to bring an end to His people believing deceiving, lying, false words.
  • The earth (literally: the land): This could be referring to the land of Israel or it could be a reference to the whole earth. 

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