The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 30 Part 4

A short portion: Isaiah 30:23-26

v23: Note: Once the change in the hearts and the lives of the people has happened, then this is what G-d will do for them. 

  • Fat and plenteous (richness): This land is going to be very fertile. 
  • Your cattle will feed in large pastures: In Hebrew this is an idiom that speaks of a time of great prosperity. G-d is going to give His people an opportunity to take hold of a (true) Kingdom prosperity. 

v24: Oxen: A herd of cattle (ie many of them). 

  • Cured fodder: Food (provision) which is good; food which is healthy and nutritious. 
  • Winnowed: Winnowing is the process whereby the good food is separated from the bad. 

v25: On every high mountain and upon every high hill: These are the preferred places, the places that are lifted up or exalted. 

  • Rivers and streams of water: An abundance of water speaks of an abundance of blessing. G-d is going to exalt His people. He is going to bring them up onto a high land and give them a new perspective. There they are going to behold the blessings of G-d. 
  • The day of the great slaughter: In the last days there is going to be a massive slaughter of the nations (Rev 14:19-20)
  • When the (watch)towers fall: This is an idiom for the nations – those that persecuted Israel. At the end, all the nations of the world are going to come against Israel, but all of these nations are going to fall down. 

v26: Binds up the bruise of His people: G-d is going to bring healing to the pain and suffering (wound) that Israel experienced through their time of trouble (their blow/striking). This time of suffering for the Jewish people is a way of bringing them to repentance. After Jacob’s trouble, G-d is going to restore, heal and provide Kingdom prosperity (blessing) for His Old (to be New) Covenant people.  

It is interesting to note that, although the church is considered a New Covenant people, this New Covenant was not a covenant made with the church specifically ie as a New Testament concept (although this New Covenant only went into effect after Yeshua death, burial and resurrection – Matt 26:28, 1 Cor 11:25). Jeremiah 31:31-34 tells us that G-d is making this covenant with the house of Israel – this house obviously includes the church that has been grafted in (Roms 11:18-27) – as well as with the house of Judah – the Jewish people or Old Covenant people. In the end, the Old Covenant people are going to embrace the New Covenant truth and promises]. 

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