The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 30 Part 5

Let us finish off chapter 30: Isaiah 30:27-33

v27: The name of the L-rd comes from afar (a distance): Name is synonymous with character. G-d’s character is so far removed from the people, but He is going to come to them, He is going to return.

  • Burning with His anger: This is how G-d is going to return. 

Note: This verse clearly spells out that G-d is a Judge. His wrath is going to be poured out on the nations who come against Israel in the last days. 

Sift: G-d is going to scatter and divide the nations. 

  • Sieve: The instrument that separates the bad from the good (Matt 25:32). Unfortunately, not too much good will be found in the nations – only a remnant in the nations will be found (Matt 7:13-14). The wrath of G-d, found in the book of Revelation (specifically the trumpet and bowl judgments), does not bring about a change to the nations. The nations continue in their defiance of G-d. However, through that time a tiny remnant of Gentiles will be saved – not because of the wrath of G-d, but because they see the faithfulness of G-d to His covenant that He made with the Jewish people (this parallels what we read about in Ex 9:20 and Ex 12:38 – a mixed multitude includes both Jews and Gentiles). 

Note: There are two lots of 144,000 people found in the book of Revelation. The first lot of 144,000 (found in Rev 7:4-8) speak of the remnant of Israel (Ezra 9:8, Isaiah 10:22, Roms 9:27). The second lot of 144,00 (in Rev 14:1-5) speak of the remnant of the Gentiles and some Jews -those who were saved in the time/age of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24, Roms 11:25). 

  • Futility: Vanity. Everything they do is going to be meaningless. 
  • Bridle: A bridle serves to lead an animal straight, in the right path. Here, however, this bridle leads them to destruction. It is a bridle of deceit (causes them to err) or strong delusion (2 Thess 2:11)

v29: You: G-d’s people, Israel, the Jewish people.

  • Song: Worship
  • Festival: A time of joy and happiness. 
  • Mighty One (literally: The Rock of Israel): This term is used as a description for Messiah, thereby giving a Messianic hint to this verse. Messiah is the Rock of Israel, the Rock of our salvation (Ps 62:1-2). At the second coming of Messiah, He is going to bring His Old Testament people to a New Testament faith!

v30: DescentHe is going to bring down His arm – make it visible. 

  • Arm: The word used here refers to a sacrificial part of an arm. It is also a word that can be used to refer to a descendant. Messiah is frequently referred to as the ‘arm of the L-rd’. 
  • (Bring down His arm) with the indignation of His anger: This could be referring to the second coming of Messiah to earth. 

v31: Assyria: This is a last day prophecy. Assyria is being used symbolically here to speak of the massive last days empire that, like Assyria, is also going to want to thwart the plans and purposes of G-d. 

  • Beaten down: Destroyed. Broken.
  • Struck with a rod: G-d is going to strike with a rod (bring retribution upon) those who are against the things of G-d.  

Note: The Roman exile began around 70AD, and it lasted for almost 2000years – ending in 1948 when Israel became a nation. The Babylonian exile lasted for 70 years. 

The Assyrian exile (Assyria took Israel/the Northern kingdom captive) began long before the Babylonian and Roman exiles. It began around 722 BC. We have not yet seen a true/full restoration taking place from this Assyrian exile. Prophetically we know, however, that in the last days (The days of Messiah) G-d is going to bring about a reunification – a final redemption – of all the tribes (Ezekiel 37:15-28). This is going to take place in the millennial kingdom. 

v32: The staff of punishment (discipline): The purpose of this rod/staff is to manifest the miracles and truth (revelation) of G-d (eg: like the rod of Moses – Ex 4:1-5). It is a staff that leads the people in the proper way ie into the will of G-d. 

  • Him: G-d’s enemies. 
  • Brandishing: A lifting up and a moving or a waving of arms in victory. In these battles that are going to take place, G-d is going to manifest victory. 

v33: Tophet: The Rabbinical commentaries see this term as a synonym for gehenom, gehenna or hell.

  • Of old (literally: yesterday): Referring to a time in the past.
  • The king: Referring to the antichrist and satan. Hell has been prepared for them (Matt 25:41, Rev 20:10). 
  • Much wood: There is so much wood that it will never run out. 
  • The breath: The very essence of a person. 
  • Brimstone: Sulphur

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