The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 33 Part 2

Next we look at Isaiah 33:10-16

v10: Rise…exalted…lift Myself up: Three different words are used here to speak of G-d manifesting Himself at this time. When we look at the land of Israel and we see that these places are again destitute then we will know that G-d manifesting Himself is at hand. 

v11: You shall conceive chaff: G-d begins to proclaim judgment and destruction upon His enemy.

  • Chaff: The unusable part of a plant, the part that is discarded. 
  • Your breath, as fire, shall devour (consume) you: The antichrist and his empire are going to plot and plan things, wanting to carry them out, but these things are going to backfire on them.

v12: People: Those who have no covenant with G-d. These are the people who have sided with the antichrist and his evil empire.

  • Lime: Whitewash. A fine powder. 
  • Lime…thorns: All very combustible or flammable. 

Note: Every decision we make, and our every action, needs to be decided and carried out based upon the reality of the Kingdom of G-d. Life on earth is short (James 4:14). We should not waste our time on things which have little consequence. This world is coming to an end, but the Kingdom of G-d lasts forever. We need to be doing the things that are going to impact our eternity.

v13: Hear: This is a word that demands a response. G-d is speaking to us, and He wants us to receive His revelation and respond to it appropriately.

  • You who are afar off: Many commentators say this is speaking of the Gentiles. 
  • You who are near: Speaking of the children of Israel. 
  • What I have done…My might: There is a relationship between what G-d has done and His might/power. It is because of G-d’s might that He has done this.

Note: What G-d does in the last days is going to have an implication for all of humanity. 

v14: The sinners in Zion are afraid: G-d, in His Kingdom, will not tolerate any sin. In the millennial kingdom (the word ‘Zion’ is often used to reference this millennial kingdom), under the administration of Messiah Yeshua, sin will be dealt with quickly. 

  • Afraid…fearfulness: The words used here are words that depict great fear – trembling or shaking. The sinners and hypocrites are going to be afraid of G-d’s righteous rule. 
  • Hypocrites: Hypocrites say one thing but do another. 
  • Among us (literally ‘With us’): ‘With us’ (G-d with us) might be a reference to the triune G-d (the trinity).
  • Devouring fire: Speaks of G-d’s judgment. G-d will not tolerate, and will destroy, sin in His Kingdom. Also, our G-d is a consuming fire (Heb 12:28-29).
  • Devouring fire… everlasting (eternal) burnings: G-d is going to consume all those things that are not of His Kingdom character -all those things that are in conflict with it.

v15: Righteously…uprightly: These two words are written in the plural. The plural often speaks of an abundance…abundant righteousness, abundant uprightness. 

  • Gestures with his hands: This would be a gesture to say ‘no’. He rejects bribes. 

Note: Those who are going to be in the Kingdom of G-d are those who are committed to righteousness. They are going to in no way pervert justice and righteousness. They are going to want to have nothing to do with evil. 

v16: Note: This verse is speaking about what the benefits are for the person who dwells in the Kingdom of G-d. 

  • His place of defence will be the fortress of rocks: He will dwell in a place of safety. The high or exalted places are places that manifest G-d’s pleasure (if they are used in regard to Him and not in regard to idol worship). 
  • Bread will be given him, his waters will be sure (faithful): With G-d’s pleasure comes His provision. G-d is going to provide for us in a faithful and consistent way. He provides us with peace, joy, contentment, and a feeling of security. This is what G-d is promising for those who fear and honour Him. 

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