The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 34 Part 1


Our next reading is Isaiah 34:1-7

Yeshua taught that the vast majority of humanity is not going to experience salvation – they will not be in the Kingdom of G-d but will encounter His eternal wrath and punishment (Matt 7:13-14). We need to acknowledge and respond to this reality through, firstly, our own repentance. Secondly, we do not want others to experience the wrath of G-d, so we need to accurately share the Word of G-d with those around us so that we can lead them to salvation (1 Cor 9:22). 

v1: Note: There is an emphasis on the world/the nations in this verse because it’s the world that’s going to experience (be the recipients of) G-d’s judgment. G-d reveals His plan ahead of time so that people are without excuse, or so that they can make the necessary preparations (ie: seek salvation through Messiah, if they should desire to do so, before this wrath of G-d falls). 

  • Nations: Gentiles. 
  • Hear: Not to hear for the sake of hearing, but to hear in order to respond. 
  • Heed: Hearing what is being said and being able to discern it accurately.
  • All that is in it (Its fullness)…(its offspring): This is applicable to every single person on this planet. G-d’s message is all inclusive – it is for us, no matter who or where we are, no matter what generation we live in. 
  • All things that come forth from it (Offspring): The next generation. 

v2: Indignation: A very hostile anger. When this word is applied to an animal it speaks of one that is almost out of control – frothing at the mouth. This frothing is a physical, discernible sign of anger. This discernible anger is what this word is emphasising – except that G-d is always perfectly in control. 

  • Armies (literally: Hosts). The word used here is the simple word for army. However, when the Bible speaks of a ‘host’ it is also a word that can be applied to things that are powerful in this world and things even powerful in the heavens.
  • Utterly destroyed: In the Bible the word used here is a word used for a special type of commandment. At times, G-d would send the children of Israel to a people, to a city, and He would command them to devote everything to Him. What this meant was that they had to destroy everything – not taking any plunder or spoils (1 Sam 15:3). All of the spoil had to be offered up to G-d – usually it was burnt up, totally consumed. The word used here is a word of absolute destruction. 
  • Slaughter: Massacre. G-d is going to bring about a massacre in this world, a massacre upon humanity and every aspect of His creation that has not surrendered to Him.

v3: Thrown out (literally: Stretched out): Cast forth throughout the earth. 

  • Stench: Foul odour. G-d’s judgment is going to bring physical death to people, as well as eternal spiritual torment. 
  • Corpses: A body that is empty – ie it is a body that is without its soul.
  • Mountains shall be melted: Prophetically a mountain often speaks of a government or a seat of authority. 

v4: Dissolved (literally: decay): Rot away. Most of the scholars, both Rabbinical and Christian, see this as not speaking of the heavenly hosts (ie armies/angels) but rather it is speaking about the sun, the moon and the stars (Matt 24:29). 

  • Leaf falls…fruit falling: G-d uses terminology, images, that were very well known by the people. 

v5: My sword shall be bathed (saturated): When a war took place in Isaiah’s day the swords of the people who were fighting would become full of blood – saturated with the blood of those they slain. This is the imagery of G-d’s sword that is being used here.  

  • Edom: The offspring of Esau – an eternal enemy of G-d. 
  • My curse (literally: Destruction): Absolute annihilation. These people are going to be like the plunder and spoils that were completely consumed – wholly devoted to G-d – utterly destroyed. 
  • Judgment: The retribution that G-d is going to bring upon this world is because of sin and rebellion. 

v6: Sacrifice: Most people see this word as meaning a slaughter, a massacre.

  • Bozrah: At Messiah’s second coming (not speaking of the rapture) He will put His feet in three places primarily: 

1) He is going to judge the mountain of Esau in the land of Edom, specifically this place called Bozrah (Isaiah 63:1-6).

2) He is going to go to Armageddon (in the Jezreel Valley) to pour out His judgment upon all the nations who have come against Israel (Rev 16:16, Rev 19:11-21). 

3) He is going to stand on the Mount of Olives (Zech 14:4, Acts 1:11-12). 

v7: Their dust saturated with fatness (ie: it literally means that it becomes fertile): Death, and the decay that follows, is going to cause a change to the land. The land will become fertile. Judgment is going to bring a glorious change to the earth – the establishment of the millennial Kingdom, which a remnant will inherit.

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