The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 34 Part 2


We end off this week with Isaiah 34:8-17

v8: Recompense(s): Written in the plural, therefore speaking of an abundance of payments. G-d is going to make abundant payments back upon those who have violated His truth, rebelled against His grace and who have been in defiance against His plans and purposes. He is going to set things in order and is going to establish His Kingdom in righteousness. 

  • Cause (conflict) of Zion: G-d is going to be in conflict with the world over Zion (a Kingdom word – ie His Kingdom). G-d makes peace by punishing and destroying His enemy.

v9: Streams shall be turned into pitch: Earth’s rivers are going to be turned into tar. 

  • Pitch(tar)…brimstone (sulphur): These are words that also point to an end time wrath. 
  • Burning pitch: Everything that the world emphasized (what it sought, wanted and pursued) is going to become nothing more than sulphur, brimstone, tar. What the world worked for is going to turn into that which no one wants. 

v10: Note: Scholars say this is speaking about the place of judgment which is outside of G-d’s Kingdom – this place where there is outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  • No one shall pass through: No one will want to go there. When something is good, a beautiful place, people want to travel there to visit it. This is not the case here. 

v11: Pelican…porcupine…owl…raven: All of these are unclean (unkosher – ie rejected) animals. Isaiah is using symbolic language to refer to those who are going to inherit and dwell in this wasteland. 

  • Line: A tool that builders (surveyors) use to help them bring order into what they are constructing. 
  • Confusion… emptiness: These are the same words used in Genesis 1:2 to speak of chaos (a word that was used to describe creation in its original form – empty, void and lacking order). This place is going to be devoid of the Word and Spirit of G-d. 

v12: Nobles: The political leaders. They had clout, power and authority but were not submissive to G-d. They did not use their positions for the things of G-d.

  • None shall be there: These leaders will not have a kingdom to rule over.
  • Princes: High officials.
  • All its princes shall be nothing: Everything that they had achieved, all their glory in this world and honour from a world’s perspective, will bring about nothing whatsoever before G-d. 

v13: Jackals…ostriches: Unclean animals (Rev 22:15). G-d is using symbolic language to say that this place is unclean, this place is not a place of purpose, this place is rejected by G-d.

v14: Note: All of those who were rejected and who were an abomination are going to be placed in this place. None of these are a blessing for man. None of them have a purpose in the life of man. 

v15: Note: This is not the kind of place a man would want to live in. It is not a place that humanity would place any value on. This is not a place of blessing. 

v16: Note: In this verse there is a transition. The foundation for the next chapter in Isaiah begins to be laid in this verse. 

  • Search from the book of the L-rd, and read: A call to utilize the Word of the L-rd.
  • (Not one from it will be absent): Most scholars say that not one promise, not one word from Scripture (prophecy etc) is going to be absent or fail. This means that everything G-d has said is going to be fulfilled.
  • Not one shall lack her mate: Based upon His promises, G-d is going to work with the family.  In the same way that G-d provided a place for those things that were not acceptable (those things that were unclean), is the same way that He is going to provide for those who are acceptable – those who base their life upon the revelation of the Word of G-d.
  • My mouth: The mouth of the L-rd.

Note: In the midst of G-d’s wrath being poured out there will be those who seek the revelation of G-d. G-d takes note of this, and the Holy Spirit gathers them up so that none of them are missing or lacking anything. 

v17: Cast the lot for them: G-d is going to gather them (His people) up and is going to fulfil their lot (what He has promised them). 

  • Divided it among them with a measuring line: The reward/inheritance that has been prepared for them is going to be perfect. It is going to be stretched out according to the right measurement. 

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