The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 37 Part 2


On to Isaiah 37:8-20

v8: The king of Assyria warring against Libnah: Another military matter, unrelated to Jerusalem, occupied the king of Assyria’s time and mind. 

v9: Ethiopia: Cush

  • He has come out to make war with you: This is the rumour that the king of Assyria heard. Ethiopia, at that time, was a mighty empire. Rabshakeh, while he was also travelling, heard the rumour and sent a message from himself back to Hezekiah. 

v10: Note: This is Rabshakeh’s parting shot and threat to Hezekiah as he travels out to meet and help Sennacherib. Over and over again the enemy is feeding Judah with lies of hopelessness. 

v11: Note: Rabshakeh is reminding Hezekiah of the successful military battles and conquest of land associated historically with Assyria at that time. 

  • Utterly destroying: Annihilating
  • Will you be delivered?: Rabshakeh is asking Hezekiah, in a kind of incredulous tone, why he thinks he will be saved when all the other nations around Judah have fallen to Assyria. Rabshakeh is trying to get Hezekiah to believe that there is nothing unique about the G-d, the people or the land of Israel. This has been a very effective lie of the enemy – even in the past 2000 years. There is, however, a difference and Israel is unique. The people of Judah had a covenant with G-d, which no other nation had. 

v12: My fathers: Referring to the fathers/ the kings of Assyria. 

  • Gozan and Haran and Rezeph and the people of Eden: The names of some of the peoples who were destroyed by the Assyrians. 
  • Telassar: A region located in Mesopotamia.

v13: Note: All of these kings and their cities had been conquered. Many commentators think that these cities had been utterly destroyed. Rabshakeh is reminding Hezekiah that Assyria successfully defeated many counties. 

v16: L-rd of hosts: L-rd of the armies. This is a name of G-d associated with power. 

  • You… alone: There is no other.
  • You have made: Our G-d is the G-d who has created everything. The Creator is always greater than the creation. If G-d, who is Sovereign, is able to create it, He’s able to handle it, manage it, destroy it and move it.

v17: Incline: Set or turn. 

  • Living G-d: G-d is present, He is active, and He is able. He is different to all the other gods -who do not live. 

v18: Laid waste all the nations and their lands: The modus operandi of satan is to bring destruction and devastation to people and to places (1 Peter 5:8). Assyria, satanically influence, behaved in the same way as their father, the devil – tearing things down. G-d works differently to this. G-d wants to build up, edify and bless. When G-d is involved in our lives it is to build us up, to grow us, to mature us. Those who are always tearing or putting others down in order to build themselves up are not disciples of Messiah. Disciples of Messiah are humble and seek to build others up (1 Thess 5:11). 

v19: Their gods: Referring to the Assyrian gods.

  • Into the fire: Referring to judgment. 
  • They have destroyed them: These gods only “know” how to bring destruction. The Assyrians (and those in the nations) followed after them. This caused the Assyrians to be led to destruction and death. 

Note: For the first part of Hezekiah’s reign he had spiritual discernment, which caused him to accomplish a great deal. Hezekiah knew that those who were led by the enemy of G-d (satan), and those who were not committed to the Kingdom of G-d, were on a pathway of destruction. 

v20: His hand: The hand of the king of Assyria.

  • You are the L-rd, You alone: We want G-d to move in our lives so that we can experience deliverance. Our deliverance bears witness that it was G-d who came to our help. He delivered us and provided victory for us because we belong to Him.

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