The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 37 Part 4


Our last reading this week is Isaiah 37:28-38

v28: Your dwelling place, your going out and your coming in: G-d, who is omniscient, knows all things, He is familiar with all of our ways. He knows what we are going to say even before we say it (Ps 139:4). Nothing is hidden from G-d. 

  • Rage: The word used here is the word shaking or trembling with anger. It is referring to uncontrolled anger that presents itself by a shaking of the body. 

v29: Note: Sennacherib’s purpose was to send his troops into Judah to take it. He had already destroyed the Northern kingdom, Israel, and had taken the nine tribes plus half of Levi into exile. He, however, wanted the remaining two and a half tribes (Judah, Benjamin and some of Levi) to be in his hands. With Sennacherib’s vast army, victory over Judah was more than possible, but G-d did not allow this victory to take place because Sennacherib had shown contempt for G-d and had disrespected and blasphemed Him. 

v30: Note: In this verse G-d is speaking to the children of Judah. He is telling them about how He is going to miraculously provide for them.

  • Grows of itself (the growth that comes up naturally). G-d is going to cause food to grow supernaturally for them in this first year. 
  • In the second year what springs from the same: Not much food comes up after a year of not planting, but even less food comes up the second year after not planting. G-d, however, is going to supernaturally provide food for His people, and allow them to have enough to eat despite the fact that they would not have planted for two years.

v31: Remnant: This a very significant concept. Prophetically we know that it is the remnant that are regarded as victors. It is the remnant that are the Kingdom inhabitants, as they are regarded as the faithful ones (those who trust G-d’s prophetic revelation). 

Note: G-d is going to sow the remnant in the land. They are either not going to be put into exile or, if they do go into exile, ultimately G-d is going to bring them back in order to plant them. This remnant is the root, and, in the future, they are going to yield a great harvest. The remnant will carry out G-d’s will. 

v32: Out of Jerusalem: Even though this prophecy took place over 2700 years ago, it teaches us about a future reality. We can count on this to be the modus operandii of what G-d is going to do in the last days. At the end, G-d is going to deliver a remnant, and that remnant is going to produce great fruit (Matt 24:15-21, Rev 12:13-16). 

  • Those who escape: The refugees, the survivors. 
  • Those who escape from Mount Zion: The survivors have a Kingdom hope. 
  • The zeal of the L-rd of hosts will do this: This remnant is not spared to become fruitful because of their own merit, or their own wisdom or ability. They are spared and are fruitful because of G-d’s zeal and will. 

V33: Siege mound: This is referring to the siege ramp to get into the city over the walls.

v34: This city: Referring to Jerusalem.

  • Says the L-rd: This is a term of promise.

Note: Hezekiah had two choices: either he could believe what G-d had said (that G-d was going to provide supernaturally for the people) and endure what they were going through, or he could surrender to the temptation that Sennacherib would look after them if they pledged allegiance to him. G-d, however, had promised that if they remained faithful to Him that Sennacherib would not enter the city. 

v35: I will defend this city: This is a promise the L-rd has made regarding Jerusalem. 

  • To save it: G-d did save Jerusalem from Sennacherib 2700 years ago, but this is also a picture of a future event – in the last days G-d is again going to save Jerusalem (Zechariah 12). 
  • For My servant David’s sake: G-d made a promise to David, a Messianic promise (Jer 33:17-21), and G-d keeps His promises! G-d brought the people back to the land after the Babylonian exile so that Messiah could come the first time. G-d has been bringing the people back into the land since 1948, in preparation for Messiah’s second coming. He is not bringing them back because of any merit on their part – they don’t deserve it and nor have they earned it, but He is bringing them back for His sake and for the sake of His promise to His servant David. Yeshua is not coming back to London, Paris, Rome or Beijing. He is coming back to the land of Israel, back to the capital city (His capital city), Jerusalem. 

v36: The angel: G-d sent one angel, not an army of angels. 

  • The angel of the L-rd: This is a very unique angel. 
  • People: Those who were alive – possibly referring to those in Jerusalem and not referring to the Assyrians. 

v37: Ninevah: The place where Sennacherib had originally come from. 

v38: It came to pass: G-d brings about the fulfilment of His Word. This is a testimony to the authority and power of G-d to carry out what He has said.  

  • Worshiping in the house of Nisroch: Sennacherib went to worship in the temple of his god. 

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