The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 40 Part 4


Our first portion this week is Isaiah 40:21-31

v21: Have you not known…These questions highlight man’s inadequacy.

  • From the foundations: From a very long time ago. 

Note: Human beings have never understood G-d. In and of ourselves we are not in a position (unlike G-d) to see things correctly. Isaiah is laying the foundation to tell us that we are completely dependent upon G-d’s revelation. 

v22: The circle of the earth: When the Bible speaks of the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 11:12) it is not saying that the earth is flat. The four corners refer to the four directions – north, south, east and west. Isaiah, nearly 2800 years ago, knew that the earth was not flat but that it was shaped like a circle, it had a round circumference. 

Note: Yet again Isaiah shows us how great G-d is. G-d, in His goodness, has revealed to us a degree of revelation concerning Himself. He has let us know what we need to know in order to approach Him, to serve Him, to worship Him and to experience Him. We are fully dependent upon Him for all things.

v23: Brings: (Literally: sets or positions). G-d is the One who positions or puts others (and us) in specific positions or locations (Acts 17:26). 

  • Princes: Noblemen. Those who have prestige and honour and who are often given positions of leadership within in a community – usually because of their wealth. 
  • Brings the princes to nothing: The implication is that they are nothing in comparison to G-d. G-d is great – human beings are completely inadequate without Him – even those human beings who are looked up to as having great significance are as nothing before G-d. 
  • Useless: The word used here is the same word used for confusion, chaos, disorder.

v24: Scarcely shall they be planted: This verse is uniquely constructed. It reveals to us that G-d could have chosen to do even greater things, but He choose to work instead in a smaller way. When the seed (a human life) is still seemingly in its infancy G-d chooses to allow it to wither and fade away. Creation does not show us G-d’s maximum potential or reflect the fullness of His ability. We see only a very small portion of what G-d can actually do. 

  • He will also blow on them: G-d is in control. He is able to blow away whatever He chooses to. 

v25: Similar to Isaiah 40:18

v26: See: Behold something, to look and have understanding.

  • Host: The host of heaven
  • Brings out their host: G-d can bring out His host (His armies) at the right time and in the proper order. 
  • By (with) number: The armies of G-d are massive in number. 
  • Call them all by name: G-d knows the name of every single one in His massive army. 
  • Not one is missing: None is lacking. Everything with G-d is complete. There are no imperfections.  

v27: Note: We cannot escape G-d’s judgment if we do not submit to Him and do not obey Him. It is not difficult for Him to bring annihilation to His creation. 

  • My way: Referring to Jacob or Israel’s way. 
  • Hidden: That G-d is unaware or not concerned about what they are doing. We cannot do what we want and get away with it. 
  • Passed over: Ignored. Israel is saying that they were seeking justice, but G-d never gave it to them. This is a false statement against G-d. If justice seems to be ignored by G-d, it is only for a period of time and He has a reason for not giving them justice straightaway. Time will manifest the Sovereignty and the Omniscience of G-d to all creation.

v28: Note: This verse is similar to Isaiah 40:21

  • Have you not known: G-d is mocking them. 
  • Ends of the earth: Things are coming to a conclusion. Are we ready for this? Nothing is hidden from G-d. He knows all things and it’s simply a matter of time before He puts creation, which was corrupted by sin, back into its rightful order, back to ‘good’ (Gen 1:31).
  • There is no searching (investigating) of His understanding: We will never understand G-d in and of ourselves. It is beyond human comprehension to understand the fullness of G-d.

v29: Weak: Those who are coming to the end of themselves and are collapsing. G-d is willing, able and desiring to give them power.

v30: The youths shall faint and be weary: Speaking of those who live in the natural. These ones will not be able to keep up with what G-d is doing – despite the fact that they are seen by society as young, fit and strong. These youths will not be able to endure. 

v31: But: A word of contrast – in contrast to the ones who only live naturally and not supernaturally. 

  • (Hoping): This is not the word for ‘wait’ but is the word for hoping – speaking of those who hope in G-d and in His promises. 
  • Renew their strength: They are going to be transformed by G-d’s power. Hope in G-d changes our reality. We get a new reality – a Kingdom reality – when we place our hope in Him. 

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