The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 41 Part 2


Next up is Isaiah 41:8-13

v8: But: There is a change in this verse. Israel is contrasted with the nations. 

  • Jacob: It is so significant that when G-d is upholding His people (telling us that these are His people) He chooses to use the name ‘Jacob’ to identify them. Jacob pursued G-d with all of His ability. 

Note: G-d has a great love for Israel. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not fall into idolatry, but they believed in the One (and only) G-d. Romans 11:28 reminds us that Israel is beloved to G-d for the sake of these fathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). 

v9: Whom: Speaking of Israel, the Jewish people. 

  • I have taken from the ends of the earth: A description of redemption. This is a prophetic promise, and one which will ultimately be fulfilled (Matt 24:31). In the last days G-d is going to bring more and more people back to the land of Israel. 
  • Have not cast you away: Will not reject you. Although Messiah was rejected for a time the promise was that He became the chief cornerstone (Acts 4:10-12). This word of rejection is the same word being used in conjunction with Israel. 

v10: I am with you: G-d with us. This is the benefit we have in being in a covenantal relationship with G-d through Messiah.

  • My righteous right hand: Many of the commentators say this is referring to the work of Messiah. It is Messiah who strengthens us, helps us and supports (upholds) us. When the time/fullness of the Gentiles comes to an end, is complete, then G-d is going to once again turn His attention back to the Jewish people. This time is going to happen within the context of the final judgment. It is at this time that G-d is going to bring salvation to Israel. He is going to strengthen, support and help them at this time. 

v11: Those who were incensed against you: Referring to the nations who were opposed to/hated Israel. Many nations will go up against Israel in the last days. 

  • Strive with/Contend against: Those who are in conflict with Israel. In the last days G-d is going to judge all those who have conflict with Israel.

v12: Them: Speaking about these enemies of Israel – those nations who went up to battle against Israel. 

  • Not find them: They will not be found because G-d will destroy them. 

Note: Israel is going to be the object of a great contention, a battle, a war in the last days. However, Messiah Himself is going to come and He is going to strengthen, help and support Israel. When He does this, He is going to bring about the defeat of the enemies of Israel – to the extent that they became as nothing.

v13: I…will hold (strengthen) your right hand: In Isaiah 41:10 we read about Messiah being that righteous right hand of G-d. Now we read that G-d is going to strengthen Israel’s right hand. Israel (the remnant of it) is going to be made like Messiah, just as a disciple becomes like the one he follows. 

  • Fear not, I will help you: In Hebrew this is written in the past tense although it is a future promise. It is written in the past tense as it is a promise of G-d that is as good as done in His eyes. 

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