The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 42 Part 3


Next up is Isaiah 42:21-25

v21: Well pleased: Delights in. This is a word that shows a strong desire. 

  • For His righteousness sake: G-d desires to make Israel righteous because they are people with whom He has made a covenant. We did not deserve righteousness, but G-d made us righteous through Messiah. Israel does not deserve righteousness, but G-d is going to make them righteous through Messiah. 
  • Law: His revelation, His instruction. Within the law (the Torah) there are not only commandments. There are also numerous promises. The commandments have promises attached to them – some have promises of blessing, others (when we disobey them) have promises of judgment. Some commandments speak about life, others about death – it all depends on our response. 

v22: This is a people: Israel. G-d is speaking in this verse of Israel in her current state. 

  • Robbed and plundered: The enemies of Israel are going to take her as plunder and spoil.
  • Snared (trapped) in holes: This speaks about judgment, the punishment that’s coming to Israel from her enemies. 
  • Hidden in prison houses: Most of the Rabbinical commentators see this as Israel going into exile. The people of Israel are going to be missing, hidden, because they have been sent to prison, ie exile.

Note: G-d, who is righteousness, is faithful. When someone is uninterested in G-d or they are rebelling against Him, He brings an enemy to plunder them and take spoil, sending them into exile. His people are going to suffer greatly because of their unfaithfulness. There is no one to help them and no one is even going to think of restoration. This suffering and isolation lead many to repentance. 

v23: G-d allows all of this suffering because He wants the people to hear, to listen and to pay attention. G-d wants people to respond to Him. Who is going to do this at the end of this age? 

v24: Was it not the L-rd, against whom we have sinned: There is coming a time when Israel is going to realize that it is G-d behind all their suffering, and He is behind it because they have sinned against Him. 

v25: Poured on him the fury of His anger and the strength of battle (power of war): G-d is going to bring about a change in Israel – a change that is going to cause the remnant to sing a new song. However, in order to bring about this change, Israel, Jacob, is going to have to go through a very difficult time – a time known as Jacob’s trouble (Jer 30:7). G-d asked the question in Isaiah 42:23: Who is going to be paying attention to what G-d is doing? Who is going to learn from what is happening and who is going to recognise that it is a move of G-d? G-d is going to bring this about so that He can heal, restore and save.  

  • He did not know…he did not take it to heart (they did not pay attention to what G-d was doing)The problem is that Israel is still in an unrepentant, unresponsive state. This change is going to happen though – as a testimony of the faithfulness of G-d to His Word.

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