The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 43 Part 1


We continue with Isaiah 43:1-7.  

G-d keeps covenant with Israel because He has said He would. He is faithful to His Word. When we see G-d’s faithfulness to Israel it is a testimony to us of G-d’s truthfulness. 

In the last days the remnant of the nations is going to witness G-d’s faithfulness to Israel, and this is going to cause them to learn about the holiness of G-d. People respond to G-d, by faith, when they see His faithfulness. 

This chapter reveals G-d’s fidelity – His faithfulness. If G-d is faithful to His Old Covenant people, then we can be encouraged and assured that He will also be faithful to His New Covenant people. This is a chapter that has to do with the last days. 

v1: Now: This is a word of urgency. This is a word that speaks about G-d doing something for the purpose of manifesting His glory, righteousness, holiness and faithfulness to His Word.

  • (Creates…forms): These words are written in the present tense. G-d is at work right now. Even now He is creating and forming Jacob, Israel (John 5:17). Even now He is working to bring about a new reality – a Kingdom reality. 
  • I have redeemed you: (written in the past tense). Messiah, being G-d, has always existed – the Lamb of G-d, slain from the foundation of the world (Rev 13:8). However, at the time of Isaiah writing this, this work of redemption had not yet been completed. But…in G-d’s eyes, this work (because He had promised) was as good as done. 
  • I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name: This is a very important principle: G-d knows everything, at all times. However, it is through redemption that we are uniquely known (recognised) by G-d (in relationship with Him). It is through redemption that we are called (predestined) by Him. Those who do not respond to G-d’s invitation (salvation, by faith, in Messiah Yeshua) do not experience being known by Him, being called by Him or being in a relationship with Him. 
  • You: Written in the singular – to one person. There is an individual aspect to redemption. Although G-d is going to redeem Israel (corporately ie the remnant) it is going to be by one individual at a time. Every person has to make a decision, on their own, to respond, by faith, to the grace of G-d. 

v2: You: Again written in the singular. 

  • Pass through the waters: This is not talking about passing through the Red Sea, but this is a yet future event. 
  • With you: This is emphasising the redemptive (covenantal) relationship we have with G-d, through faith in Messiah Yeshua. 
  • They shall not overflow (overcome) you: These rivers will not sweep us away. 
  • Waters…fire: G-d will not allow any harm to overtake His covenant people. He is going to redeem them and bring them through these difficult things. 

v3: The Holy One of Israel: Frequently, in prophecy, G-d reveals Himself by using this Name. 

  • Egypt: Egypt was a very vast empire. G-d brought judgment upon Egypt so that He could redeem Israel (Ex 1-12). 
  • Ethiopia: (literally: Cush). Ethiopia was also a vast empire. 
  • Seba: Another African empire. 
  • Egypt…Ethiopia…Seba: Even though these nations were very important politically, socially and economically in the past, it is revealed to us that Israel was more important to G-d. Why? Because G-d had given them a call (to bless all people, including Egypt, Ethiopia and Seba – Gen 12:3) and a great purpose. They take precedence over these nations because of G-d’s call. 
  • In your place: In exchange for Israel. G-d is showing preference. He is showing purpose. He is revealing a plan that He has for Israel. 

v4: Precious: Having significance. 

  • My sight: G-d’s sight. 
  • Honoured: Israel has been honoured throughout the ages because of the call that G-d has placed upon her. 
  • Give men for you…people for your life: When we look at the nations of the world there is a priority. G-d has a preference for Israel. This is because Israel is the vessel that G-d has used to carry out His plans and purposes in this world – a purpose to bless the world. The question is: will the nations recognise this priority? Throughout the ages the nations have hated and persecuted Israel (This is very similar to the account of Joseph in Gen 37-47).

v5: With you: Textually this is the phrase that is emphasised within this sentence. What is emphasised is that G-d is with Israel. 

  • Bring your descendants from the east, and gather you from the west: Throughout the prophets we can be assured of this promise…G-d will bring His people back to the land of Israel. From 1948, after about 2000 years of exile, G-d is doing exactly this – in our day! This regathering of the people to the land of Israel manifests that G-d is faithful and that He is at work. It reveals to us that the covenants that G-d has with Israel and with David (regarding the Messiah) are still relevant. 

v6: I will say: This speaks of G-d’s proclamation. 

  • Give: Give up the people. Allow them to go back to the land of Israel. 
  • My sons…My daughters: G-d is not going to forget any. He is going to show Himself perfectly faithful. 

v7: Everyone: Every individual who responds to the L-rd – Jew or Gentile. 

  • Called by My Name: When we receive Yeshua into our lives, He places His name (character) upon us. 
  • Created…formed…made: G-d has created, formed and made Israel to be an instrument of His honour. G-d is going to use Israel to bring Him glory/honour. This is going to be a mighty testimony to the nations in the last days. 

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