The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 43 Part 2


Our next reading is Isaiah 43:8-15

v8: The blind people: G-d did the work of redemption while we were in darkness, while we were unbelieving (Roms 5:8-9). While we were still sinners (blind in our unbelief) G-d moved so that those who were faithless had the opportunity to be made faithful. Similarly, G-d is going to do this mighty work for Israel. Although they have physical eyes and ears, spiritually they are blind and deaf to the Word of G-d. This is going to change. 

v9: Who among them can declare this: Who among the nations are going to declare that G-d has not forsaken His Old Covenant people? 

  • Former things: Referring to the promises of G-d – the promises He gave to the Patriarchs. 
  • Bring out their witnesses: To give testimony. 
  • Justified: Made righteous. 

Who among the nations is going to speak about G-d’s truthfulness to His Word – how He is going to move among His people, the house of Israel? 

v10: My witnesses: G-d wants the remnant to speak of His faithfulness, so that others can know and understand who G-d is. 

  • My servant: Written in the plural, so this verse is now probably referring to Israel as being the servant of the L-rd.  
  • Before Me there was no G-d formed, nor shall there be after Me: This speaks of the uniqueness of G-d. There are no other gods other than Him. Only through G-d can we be redeemed. There is no other way or means of redemption. 

v11: I…I: This is very emphatic. 

  • Besides Me there is no saviour: If we are going to experience salvation, and if His covenant promises are going to be a reality, He is the only One who can save. 

v13: No one who can deliver out of My hand: No one will be able to take salvation out of G-d’s hand. 

  • I work, and who will reverse it: G-d is going to bring salvation, and no one will be able to take it away, no one will be able to remove it (John 10:25-30).

v14: This verse is a statement of encouragement. This was a prophecy given in Isaiah’s day but was only fulfilled about 300 years later. The purpose is this: when people saw the faithfulness of G-d to fulfil this prophecy it gave them assurance and confidence to know that G-d was going to fulfil the rest of the prophecies in His Word that were as yet unfulfilled. This also gives us an assurance that what G-d has said in regard to the last days will also be faithfully fulfilled. G-d brought back the people from exile in Babylon in preparation for Messiah’s first coming. In the same way, He is bringing the people back to the land of Israel today in preparation for His second coming. 

  • I will send to Babylon, and bring them all down as fugitives: This could be referencing the judgment that G-d placed on Babylon. G-d judged Babylon for what they had done to the people and to the land of Israel – taking the Jewish people into exile, causing them to suffer, the destruction of the temple etc. None of the Babylonians in Babylon were going to escape. This punishment was going to affect all of them. 

However, this could also be referring to the people of Israel – after exile in Babylon, the people of Israel went back to the land of Israel as fugitives (much like what happened after the Holocaust – the people fled like fugitives from the lands that were persecuting them). 

  • Chaldeans: Another name for the Babylonians 
  • (Lament): This is a word for shouting, lamenting. Within the context this is not a word of rejoicing. 

v15: Holy: ‘Holy’ is a word that is related to the purpose of G-d. G-d is the One who fulfils His Holy purposes. He is the One who ensures that His will is done. 

  • King: A synonym for ‘Messiah’. This is a reference to King Messiah. There is unity between the Holy One of Israel (G-d the Father) and His only begotten Son – King Messiah. G-d is working to make Israel into a Kingdom people (‘Your King’). 
  • Your King: This term gives Israel a Kingdom hope. 

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