The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 43 Part 4


We end off this week with Isaiah 43:22-28

v22: You have not called upon Me: G-d has always been faithful to Israel, but they have not acknowledged Him. Israel, by and large, have been reluctant and have refused to accept the gospel – the new work that G-d has done through Messiah. This is wearisome to G-d. 

v23: You have not brought Me the sheep: Israel rejected the new work that G-d had done, but they also showed a lack of commitment to the old ways. They stopped bringing their sacrifices and offerings, and they did not honour G-d. Israel seems unconcerned by the fact that there is no temple. They did do not seem concerned about its restoration but are happy with the status quo. G-d is saying that it reveals to Him (and it also reveals to the nations) that Israel is not really seeking G-d, that Israel does not appreciate what He has done in bringing them back to the land. None of this is a surprise to G-d. 

v24: Nor have you satisfied Me with the fat of your sacrifices: They have not given to G-d the abundance of the offerings that G-d required of them. 

  • Burdened Me: Israel is not responding to the new way, but neither are they committed to the old way. Instead, they are committed to sin and iniquity. This is not a condition that only describes Israel. This insensitivity to G-d and the love of sin is the condition of humanity. 

v25: He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake: This is a clear reference to the gospel message. G-d’s forgives us because of who He is. G-d is going to be merciful and is going to bring about salvation for the remnant of Israel – for His namesake, because of His character, because of who He is. In the same way that G-d is willing to wipe away the transgressions of Israel, He is willing to wipe away the transgressions of all people who respond to Him through Messiah Yeshua. 

  • I will not remember your sins: The promise of the New Covenant ends off with this phrase in Jeremiah 31:31-34. The fact that G-d will not remember our sins should be a joy to our souls. The New Covenant, in its original form, is a covenant made with the house of Judah and with the house of Israel. It is a covenant, however, that is extended to the Gentiles and all people can benefit from it. 

v26: Put Me in remembrance: Remember Me.

  • Let us contend together: Let G-d and Israel together think about, speak about and pass judgment of Israel’s spiritual condition. 
  • State your case: Israel needs to give an account to G-d as to why they consider themselves to be righteous, why they feel they need to be in G-d’s Kingdom. Good deeds, being nice people etc…does not qualify us for the Kingdom of G-d. In and of ourselves we have no basis for being justified and found righteous before G-d. We can only enter into G-d’s Kingdom because of who G-d is and because of what He has done for us. We enter based on G-d’s merit (and mercy) and not based on our own. 

v27: First father: Adam. Adam cannot present their case before G-d in hopes to acquit them through human means. 

  • Your mediators: (literally: Those who recommend you). No one has a good enough argument before G-d to acquit humans through human means. Israel considered the priests, the holy men, to be mediators between them and G-d. What Israel did not realise is that these mediators, sinful men themselves, could not absolve them of their guilt before G-d. 

v28: This verse states Israel’s current condition. However, it is a verse that does not only represent Israel but represents most of the world’s population. Most people in this world are not thinking about the plans and purposes of G-d. Most people are selfish and are caught up with themselves. It is only when Israel (humanity) realises her sinfulness that we can expect a change to happen. 

  • Profane: G-d is going to show them that the leaders that they think are holy are in fact people who are unholy, people who are profane. 
  • Princes of the sanctuary: Important religious leaders within Israel. The religious leaders, the ones who were assumed to be the mediators between G-d and man, are full of sin and transgression. Hope is not found in them, as G-d as rejected them. Israel will come to a place when she realises that she needs another mediator –Messiah Yeshua. She is going to realise that this mediator is the One who was pierced for her transgressions (Zech 12:10). When Israel is without hope, G-d is going to save them and deliver them from their physical enemies (all the nations of the world that go up in the last days to battle against Israel). When they see who fights for them (Messiah Yeshua) they are going to turn to Him in faithfulness. This faith is going to deliver them from an even greater enemy – a spiritual enemy (ie sin, transgression, iniquity and death). Israel is going to find spiritual redemption. This spiritual redemption of Israel is going to bring blessing to the world. Those in the world are going to realise that G-d offers that same forgiveness, mercy, justification and redemption to them. G-d’s faithfulness to the Jews proves that He is faithful to the Gentiles. 
  • Curse: Literally: Destruction. Annihilation.

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