The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 45 Part 3


Our last reading for this week is Isaiah 45:14-25

G-d created this world perfectly. Everything He created He pronounced “good” (ie. according to His will). However, through humanity, sin entered this perfect world and has caused chaos and corruption in it. Through Messiah’s work of redemption there is going to be a restoration – G-d’s Kingdom is going to come, and G-d’s will will indeed be fulfilled. 

v14: Cush: Ethiopia 

  • Egypt…Cush…Sabaeans: Three strong and mighty people groups from the continent of Africa.
  • Stature: A word of measurement. These people had a reputation. They had significance. 
  • No other god: Referring to the false gods or idols. There’s going to be a realization that it’s the G-d of Israel who is the One and only true G-d. G-d is going to move, and He is going to bring a change to these individuals of stature, these weighty individuals of power and wealth. In the end they are going to follow after Israel, acknowledging that G-d is with Israel.  Because of their commitment to the world, rather than the Kingdom, they are going to be enslaved. 

v15: G-d, who hide(s) Yourself: G-d is only found through His Word, and through creation – when people ponder and seek Him through it. In the natural, G-d is hidden. 

  • Saviour: This word implies that if G-d does not make salvation, then there will be no salvation. He is THE Saviour – the only One who can save. Salvation is, therefore, dependant on G-d. 

v16: They: Referring to the nations. 

  • Idols: In modern Hebrew this is a word that speaks of a door hinge. The unique thing about a door hinge is that it allows a door to open or close. Without the hinge the door would not open and would just simply remain part of a wall. However, because of the hinge, the door can open, and a person can pass from one place to another. Idols, like a door hinge, bring about a different reality in people’s lives. People who do not want G-d’s reality, G-d’s will, create their own gods and thereby open up doors in their lives that should remain shut. 

v17: Israel shall be saved by the L-rd: Israel’s salvation is a certainty.

v18: Vain: This is the same word used for ‘confusion’. G-d did not create this earth for nothing. He did not create if for confusion. He has a purpose for it. In the end this earth is going to manifest the intent and purposes of G-d as He establishes His Kingdom on it. G-d’s Kingdom is going to bring about the fulfilment of His purposes.

  • Formed it to be inhabited: This is G-d’s purpose for this earth – for people to dwell in it. 

v19: Seek Me: G-d wants us to seek Him so that we can know His truth, so that we can understand His plans and purposes. So that we can participate with Him in what He is doing. 

  • Vain: The same word for ‘confusion’. G-d is not the author of confusion.

v20: Assemble…come…draw near: G-d is demanding them to take action. 

  • Escaped: Refugees of the nations. G-d is speaking here to the seed of Jacob scattered throughout the nations of the world. This verse foreshadows a great redemption and regathering of Israel that is going to happen. In the last days, G-d is going to call the seed of Jacob (the Jewish people) out of the nations, and He will return them to the land of Israel. This is going to be a greater miracle than the redemption and exodus from Egypt (Jer 16:14-15). Although this is a verse that relates primarily to the Jewish people, it has implications for the nations (are the nations going to support this or work against it? Are the nations going to rebel at what takes place, or will they submit to G-d’s plan? Etc).
  • They: Referring to the nations. G-d makes a distinction between the refugees of the nations (ie the Jewish people) and those who worship idols (ie those who do not worship G-d – they want their own will rather than G-d’s will). 
  • Carry the wood: They carry around their own spiritual baggage. 
  • Pray to a god that cannot save: They want a god that they can control and command, a god who will do whatever they say. They effectively want a god who is an ‘errand boy’ for them – at their beck and call. 

v21: Tell…bring forth…take counsel altogether: G-d is speaking to all of humanity here. He wants all of humanity to respond to, to answer, after taking counsel together, the questions He puts forth here. 

  • This…it: G-d’s final plan of redemption. This is one of the most significant prophetic events in the last days and it is an event we see in motion even now (this regathering of the Jewish people to Israel – Matt 24:31). 
  • Just (righteous) G-d…Saviour: Righteousness and salvation go together. G-d’s saving power is given to us so that we can behave righteously. It is not righteous conduct that saves us, but righteousness follows salvation (salvation does not follow righteousness). 

v22: Be saved, all you ends of the earth: Salvation is not exclusive. It is available for anyone who responds to it. G-d’s call for salvation is very inclusive and it is a call that has gone to the ends of the earth. G-d does not desire for even one person to be lost, but He desires all to come to repentance. 

  • I am G-d and there is no other: Repetition emphasises. 

v23: Gone out of My mouth.. righteousness: If we do not want to live righteously then we are not a candidate for salvation. Accepting salvation (the gospel) involves turning away from sin so that we can embrace that which is right.

  • Every knee shall bow: Philippians 2:9-11

v24: Righteousness: This is written in the plural. It speaks about an abundant or complete righteousness…a righteousness that is overflowing. 

  • To Him men shall come: Those who want this righteousness and power will come unto Him. 
  • Incensed: They are angry because they don’t want righteousness, they don’t want the will of G-d, they don’t want what G-d has promised – ie His Kingdom to come. As we move closer to G-d moving to bring about His righteous change most of the world are going to be angry and rebel against what He is doing. When they are receiving the punishment of their rebellion and sin (the trumpet and bowl judgments spoken of in Revelation), they will not confess their sin, nor will they repent. They will know that it is G-d pouring out His judgment, but they will refuse to repent as they are eternally rebellious. 

v25: In the L-rd: This is a phrase that expresses a covenantal relationship. 

  • Shall be justified: Shall be made righteous. This is an eternal condition. 

Note: Human beings are going to experience one of only two states eternally. Either we are going to be rebellious and experience shame (Isaiah 45:24) or we are going to repent and be made righteousness (eternally justified) and therefore experience eternal life (Isaiah 45:25, Daniel 12:2). 

  • Glory: Praise. Those who are eternally justified are going to praise G-d in spirit and in truth. Their words and righteous deeds will be a testimony to others of the truth that our G-d is the only true G-d and that there is no other. 

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