The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 48 Part 2


Next up is Isaiah 48:12-22

v12: I am the First, I am also the Last: This is how Yeshua identified Himself in Rev 1:11. It is an expression that means that G-d is everything. There is nothing or no one more important than G-d. If we do not make Him the priority of every aspect of our lives, if we do not bring everything under His authority, then we are foolish, stubborn and obstinate. 

v13: Stretched out: Measured. G-d laid out the heavens and then, like as with a measuring tape, He measured them out according to the pattern and dimensions He desired them to be. 

  • Them: G-d’s creation. Every aspect of G-d’s creation obeys Him, except one – humanity. 
  • They stand up together: Creation stands to attention, it is responsive, when the L-rd calls to it. This is what humanity should also do. 

v14: Hear: We need to listen

  • He shall do His pleasure on Babylon: Most scholars agree that this is speaking about G-d (the Father). 
  • Do His pleasure: Punish them. 
  • Arm: This is also the word that means “seed” ie offspring – G-d’s Son (Who is the One that this verse is alluding to when it says the L-rd loves Him – see Matt 3:17). This same word is used during Passover to refer to the Passover lamb. 
  • His arm shall be against the Chaldeans: Yeshua (the Son) is going to punish the Chaldeans/Babylonians – the Father and the Son have the same purpose. 

v15: Him: It will become clearer that this is referring to the Redeemer, the Messiah. Messiah is the One who is going to bring about these new things – things that they didn’t know from the beginning, but G-d is revealing to them at this time.

v16: The L-rd G-d and His Spirit have sent Me: The triune G-d. G-d the Father and G-d the Holy Spirit sent G-d the Son to us as our Redeemer and Messiah. It is He, the Messiah, who is going to bring about the new things in this world. 

v17: Redeemer: A Redeemer brings redemption. Judaism boldly proclaims, based upon Scripture, that the Redeemer is Messiah – the One who’s going to do new things, Kingdom things. The use of this word in the text sets this passage within a Messianic context.  

  • Leads you by the way (The WAY – another hint of Messiah) you should go: G-d is going to work and move in such a way so that He can reveal to us the things that we need in order to experience redemption. 

v18: Heeded My commandments: If Israel had listened to and responded to the truth of G-d they would not have gone through the furnace of affliction. Disobedience caused them to go through the fire. 

  • Like a river…like the waves of the sea: We cannot stop the river from flowing, nor can we stop the waves. This is a principle that G-d has put into practice in the natural world, but this same principle holds true spiritually. What G-d has set in place cannot be stopped or halted. 

V19: (literally) And it shall come about as the sand shall be your seed, and your offspring shall be from your bodies as grains, and it will not be cut off and it will not be destroyed. His name is before Me.

  • As the sand…as grains: G-d promises wonderful things to come about in the end, through the redemption by Messiah. 
  • His name is before Me: G-d is going to bring about the outcome of redemption. G-d is going to be successful in bringing about redemption, therefore so too will the people (whose G-d is the L-rd) be successful. 

v20: Note: This verse can help us in our understanding of the book of Revelation. It is a verse that is both parallel and equal to what is revealed in Revelation. 

  • Go forth (Come out) from Babylon: After seventy years of captivity, G-d wanted the people to leave Babylon and go back to Judah. In the same way, in Revelation, G-d calls for His people to flee from Babylon – to not live in the consequences of idolatry, to not dwell in a place where there is no truth or righteousness (Rev 18:2-8). 

v21: Waters: Biblically, water is seen as a blessing. 

  • Rock: 1 Corinthians 10:4. Another textual clue alluding to Messiah, our Redeemer. 
  • Split the rock: The rock – Messiah – was struck. He was crucified. It was this striking that caused the blessings of G-d to be able to flow, to gush forth to His New Covenant people. These blessings are an outcome of redemption. 

v22: Wicked: The ones who reject the redemption of G-d – ie the ones who reject Messiah Yeshua as the only means for salvation. For these people there will be no peace (peace is an outcome of the fulfilment of G-d’s will. These people do not fulfil G-d’s will so they will never experience peace). 

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