The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 49 Part 2


We kick off this week with Isaiah 49:7-13

v7: L-rd…Redeemer of Israel…Holy One: Very clearly a reference to Messiah.

  • Holy: Set apart for a purpose. 
  • (To be despised by man): This is part of Messiah’s purpose. 
  • (Abhorred by the nations): The nations were initially not going to respond to Messiah but were going to reject Him. 
  • The Servant of rulers: At the end, Messiah is going to impact the rulers of this world. 
  • He has chosen you: G-d the Father’s plan was to use Israel to be a blessing to the nations (Gen 12:3). G-d’s plans and purposes do not change (Roms 11:29 – His gift and calling are irrevocable, which means that He does not recall or take back His gifts or calling). Messiah chose to agree with G-d the Father, and He will work out G-d’s purpose – G-d’s plan to bless the nations by using Israel. Israel’s rejection of Yeshua caused the message of the gospel to be boldly proclaimed among the nations. Paul puts it this way in Romans 11:12…their fall was riches for the world. But Paul doesn’t stop there. Paul says if their failure led to riches how much more their fullness or their restoration? G-d used their failure to bless the world, but in the end, G-d is going to use their restoration to bless the world in an even greater way than their rejection did. Israel’s acceptance of the gospel message is going to bring about the establishment of the Kingdom of G-d. Kings and rulers are going to worship G-d when they see His faithfulness to restore (the remnant of) Israel. 

v8: An acceptable time: In the time that G-d desires, in the time of His will. 

  • Preserve: Keep. 
  • Inherit the desolate heritages (inheritances): G-d is going to cause the people to rise up and receive what the enemy and the world have destroyed. This implies that there is going to be a restoration. What the enemy wanted for evil G-d is going to turn for good (Gen 50:20) – G-d, through Messiah, is going to turn the desolate land into a delightful inheritance. This will only happen after Israel has experienced redemption. 

v9: Those who are in darkness, ‘show yourselves’: They were in darkness so could not be seen, but now they are standing in a very public place – they are being revealed. 

  • Roads (literally: plateau)…desolate heights: A flat, empty place. G-d is going to use those places that the world ignores or does not think of as important. 

v10: He who has mercy: A change does not come about because of us or because of our good deeds. The change happens due to G-d – due to His faithfulness and mercy. 

v11: G-d is faithful to His people. As we walk in faithfulness before Him, He makes a road for our feet and lifts up our pathways (Phil 3:14 – the upward call of G-d). This is what we should be expecting. 

v12: Sinim: In Modern Hebrew this is the word for China. It refers to a distant people. 

v13: Sing, O heavens: These changes are going to cause a joyful response from the people.

  • Heavens…earth: When these two words are placed together in a text, they should remind us of creation. There are numerous places in the Bible where G-d speaks about creation in regard to His Kingdom (which is going to be His new or second creation). 
  • Comforted: This is a very important word – especially within a New Testament context. When Yeshua started His earthly ministry, He based Himself in a place called Capernaum (in Hebrew this is the word Kfar Nahum – which means ‘village of comfort’ – Matt 4:13-17). G-d is just and holy and, as such, He judges. He does not, however, delight in judgment or wrath. Messiah, through His work, has brought comfort to His Father. Those who receive the work of Messiah no longer need to face the judgment or the wrath of G-d. Instead of having to bring judgment or wrath, G-d is able to extend grace, mercy and love. This comforts G-d, but it is also a comfort to His people. 
  • Comforted…will have mercy: Comfort and mercy are parallel – they work together to bring about the fulfilment of the purposes of G-d. The comfort of the L-rd is tied to the redemptive work of G-d through Messiah Yeshua.  

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