The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 49 Part 3


Our next reading is Isaiah 49:14-21

If we are wise, we do not make decisions based on how we see things, but we make decisions based upon the revelation of Scripture.

v14: Zion: Jerusalem in her redemptive/new/changed state. The name of Jerusalem in her Kingdom condition. This is something that has not yet happened in human history. 

  • L-rd: The sacred name of G-d is used here first. 
  • Forsaken: Abandoned. When we hear that G-d is going to do wonderful things, but we do not see it yet, we may think G-d has abandoned or forgotten to include us in the changes that He is bringing about. [For example: as believers we are called a royal priesthood, a holy nation (1 Peter 2:9). We might not see or feel this as a reality right now, but from G-d’s perspective this is our reality. This is the same principle in play here. Zion feels forgotten]
  • L-rd: Adonai. The Master (the second name of G-d used here). 
  • Forgotten: The people feel that the L-rd has abandoned them, that He has left. This is not the case. 

v15: They may forget: Some women (thankfully it is unusual, but it does happen) want nothing to do with their children and so they abandon or ignore them. They do not demonstrate faithfulness or mercy. 

  • I will not forget you: G-d NEVER, under no circumstances, forgets or abandons His children. 

v16: Walls: A place of watching – watching for the enemy, but also watching in prayer. Our prayers are always before the L-rd (Rev 8:4). 

v17: Your sons: The children of Israel from a new generation. Isaiah was not speaking this for the people in his time. 

  • Make haste: Speedily. Quickly, in a fast manner.
  • Laid you waste: Ruined. Calamity – something that brings about rubble.
  • Shall go away from you: Even though they are their children they are going to experience something different. The land is going to be in ruins, but the children are going to go away from ruins – they are going to experience restoration. 

v18: Come to you: There’s going to be reconciliation, there’s going to be a reunification of G-d’s people. G-d is going to reunite the different generations together in His Kingdom.

  • As I live: G-d is making a pledge, a promise. 
  • Bind them: Bind these ornaments or decorations. 
  • As a bride: Yemenite brides are a perfect example of what binding ornaments to their garments looks like. G-d’s Kingdom people are going to be like a bride who is prepared for her celebration of marriage – her banquet which is prepared for her in heaven (Rev 19:7-9). 

v19: The land of your destruction: When the people left the land of Israel it was destroyed and became desolate. 

  • Too small for the inhabitants: The land of Israel is going to be too small for all the people who are going to want to go back to it when G-d restores them to the land. The land of Israel is going to have to be expanded, not cut up into pieces and parcelled out. Israel has not yet lived in the fullness of the boundaries that G-d promised to Abraham (Gen 15:18). 
  • Those who swallowed you up: The nations of the world who held the people of Israel while in her exiled state. 
  • Be far away: The people who took Israel into exile are not going to be part of the Kingdom. They are going to be far away.

v20: Will say again in your ears: They will talk about what was and about all that is going to be restored. 

  • This place is too small for me: A home often reflects the size of a family. If parents have several children, they usually have larger homes. If all those children die, then their home will have a lot of vacant space. What this is saying is that when restoration to the land of Israel occurs more people will come into Israel than originally left Israel. The land will be too small for the returning Jewish people. 
  • Give me a place where I may dwell: They will be looking for space. So many people will return to Israel that space will be at a premium. 

Verse 21: (literally) “And you shall say in your heart, ‘Who gave birth to all these people for me, since I was bereaved, I was barren, I was an exile and a wanderer? Who raised them up? Behold I thought I remained by myself. Where did these come from?’”

Who gave birth to all these people for me: Those people who felt lost and as if they had no family will suddenly feel like they are surrounded by family. This is part of what G-d is promising to the Jewish people. There is going to be a great congregation of Jewish people who return to the land of Israel, but the greatest restoration and return from exile is going to be done by Yeshua Himself at His second coming. 

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