The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 49 Part 4


Our next reading is Isaiah 49:22-26

v22: Lift My hand…to the nations: The word ‘oath’ is not a word found in the original Hebrew. This is a phrase that speaks of the manifestation of the gospel – Matt 24:14 (what Messiah suffered – the wounds in His hands – was going to be made manifest to the nations).    

  • Standard: Pole – In this context it is referring to the cross. The peoples (nations) are going to understand that the cross, what Messiah was going to do, is the fulfilment of Matt 24:14.
  • Bring in arms…carried on their shoulders: Referring to G-d bringing about a victorious return of the exiles – redemption. 

v23: Kings shall be your foster fathers (literally: tutors): The Kings of Israel were supposed to write out a scroll for themselves. Kings were supposed to be wise. 

  • Nursing mothers: They are going to nourish the returned exiles like a wet nurse nourishes an infant in her care. 
  • Bow down to you: They are going to realise what G-d’s plan is, His marvellous, covenantal promises for establishing His Kingdom. 
  • They shall not be ashamed who wait for Me: No longer will anyone scoff at them, because Messiah has returned and restored as He promised He would. They are no longer waiting for Him, but He will be there with them. 

v24: The answer to both these questions is ‘no’ – from a human perspective. G-d, however, answers these questions differently. 

  • Shall they prey be taken from the mighty: If a mighty lion has killed a little lamb and is about to eat it no human would be able to take it away from him. G-d is able to take the prey (His people) from those who are mightier than them (the tyrants, the Babylonians etc). 
  • Taken: Removed 

v25: The mighty…the terrible: The tyrants. Their enemies. 

  • I will contend: G-d is faithful, and He is the One who is going to fight for His people. A work of reconciliation is going to be done between G-d and Israel. This reconciliation is going to be a testimony to all the nations.

v26: I will feed those who oppress you with their own flesh: G-d’s judgment, prophetically, puts things into G-d’s order. If we are people who want G-d’s order, then we need to be people who delight in G-d’s righteous judgment (Rev 18:20). G-d’s judgment brings creation (including humanity) into the will of G-d. 

  • All flesh: Jews and Gentiles
  • Redeemer: Messiah – Yeshua 
  • Mighty One: Literally: Knight. A knight was someone who had status and honour. He was a gallant man, one who behaved in a proper and a dignified way. A knight was someone who stood for justice, putting things in order. 

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