The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 53 Part 2


We start off this week with Isaiah 53:7-12

In this section of Isaiah 53 we learn more about the purpose of why Messiah suffered and died (ie the mission of Messiah). We have already established that the Suffering Servant, spoken of in Isaiah 53, cannot be referring to Israel or the Jewish people. 

v7: Oppressed: This word first appears in Exodus 1:11, speaking of the great suffering that the slave masters in Egypt inflicted upon the descendants of Jacob. 

  • Afflicted: Forced to go through great pain. 
  • Silent: Messiah did not justify Himself. He could have called for many legions of angels to rescue Him, but He was silent. What the text is emphasizing is that He was surrendered (submitted to His Father’s will and plan). He was willing to be slaughtered, afflicted and oppressed. He was willing to be led to His death so that He could fulfil His Father’s purposes. G-d the Father sent G-d the Son into this world for the purpose of suffering. 

v8: Taken: This word means curfew. It is also related to the word for a stopping or for arresting. 

  • From prison and from judgment: After Yeshua was arrested, He was taken for judgment at the hand of Pontius Pilate (Luke 23).
  • Who will declare (speak) His generation: Yeshua’s generation did not understand the significance of what was going on right in their midst. No one was discussing truth or concerned with justice. Yeshua’s generation took no interest in His trial, judgment and crucifixion. The majority of them remained silent.
  • Cut off: Died
  • For the transgressions of My people: This is a very important phrase that again lets us know, absolutely, that this suffering Servant is not a reference to Israel but is in fact Messiah. Isaiah was a Jewish prophet. His people were Jewish. This One was stricken or cut off because of the sins of the Jewish people (and extended to include the sins of the whole world). Israel could not be stricken or cut off for her own sins. 

v9: Wicked: Other human beings. He was placed in an area where other people were buried (a graveyard). 

  • With the rich at His death: Joseph of Arimathea was a very wealthy man (Matt 27:57-60). The tomb that he had purchased for himself would have been with the tombs of other influential and affluent people. 
  • He had done no violence: He had done nothing wrong. Yeshua was innocent of any wrongdoing. He was punished and suffered exclusively for the wrongdoing of mankind. 
  • Nor was any deceit in His mouth: He only spoke that which was true. Yeshua never lied or twisted the truth (unlike us human beings…invariably we will say something false or not altogether true – Isaiah 6:5). 

Verse 10: (literally) “Yet the L-RD desired to crush Him; and He made Him sick. When You make His soul a guilt offering for sin, The Seed will see His offspring, He shall lengthen days, And the delight of the L-RD was in His hand.

  • The L-RD desired to crush Him: G-d the Father knew what the glorious outcome of redemption would be. It was the will of G-d to crush His only begotten Son because He knew that it was for the salvation of mankind. When G-d’s will is fulfilled it is pleasing to Him. 
  • Sick: An expression that relates to the consequences of sin. Yeshua had to deal with the consequences of our sin. Our sins were placed on Him. He took our sickness (our sin, our filth etc) upon Himself (1 Peter 2:20-24). 
  • Soul: The very essence of a person. 
  • Guilt offering: This was an offering that was offered for a person who was guilty of committing unintentional offenses (Lev 5:14-19). Their punishment was condemnation, however, offering up this offering cleared them of their guilt. 
  • The Seed will see His offspring: Because Messiah became the guilt offering for our sins, He is going to witness the fruit of His actions. 
  • He shall lengthen days: This hints at eternal life. Death is no longer our limitation. We are able to have eternal life beyond the grave. 
  • The delight of the L-RD was in His hand: He was successful. Everything that Yeshua did was pleasing to His Father. Yeshua perfectly fulfilled the Father’s will. People who were lost and hopeless could now experience true life and hope. 

v11: He shall see… and be satisfied: Yeshua will witness what the cross brought about, and it will satisfy Him. 

  • The labour of His soul: The suffering that He went through. We need to understand that Yeshua did not only suffer physically – He also suffered spiritually (Matt 27:46). When the sin of the world was placed on Yeshua there was a momentary separation that happened between Him and G-d the Father. They had, up to that time, shared an uninterrupted eternal relationship. 
  • Be satisfied: This has a huge theological implication, and that is this: the cross is sufficient. NOTHING needs to be done to maintain our salvation.
  • (With) His knowledge: Knowing what Messiah did. Having knowledge of Him. 
  • Justify: Make righteous. Yeshua was pleased and satisfied by His work on the cross as it brought about the justification of many. 

Note: Yeshua suffered for our sins. When He saw the outcome of His suffering He was satisfied. Through the knowledge of Him (the righteous Servant – Messiah Yeshua) many have been, and will be, justified. 

v12: I will divide His portion… with (many): Col 1:12, Eph 1:18-23. A (great) many are going to benefit from the work that Messiah did. 

  • Spoil: The booty/spoils of war. 
  • Strong: Mighty. This word can also be translated as a huge number (numerous- ie many). 
  • Poured out: This is a word for being made naked. This is not speaking about the fact that Yeshua was stripped when He was crucified. It is speaking of an emptying out. Messiah emptied Himself out. He gave everything – His all – right to His very death. 
  • He was numbered with the transgressors: He was crucified with sinners – between two thieves. Yeshua was also condemned by the Sanhedrin as a sinner. Even though He was not a sinner, He was incorrectly counted as one. 
  • Made intercession for the transgressors: We are guilty. We have transgressed G-d’s law, but Yeshua is interceding for us. Roms 8:34

Note: Isaiah, in an amazingly accurate way, pinpoints in this chapter many things about the Messiah so that the people could recognize Him. The people however were not interested in redemption. They were not concerned about their sinful condition. May this never be said of us. Roms 10:8-13. 

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