The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 54 Part 2


Our next reading is Isaiah 54:9-17

v9: This is like the waters of Noah to Me: G-d is reminding us of His judgment in the days of Noah. G-d judged all of those who had not responded to His revelation. By faith, Noah and his wife, their three sons, together with their three wives, responded to G-d’s revelation and they entered the ark. G-d did not use the flood waters solely to destroy. He also used them to purify and cleanse the earth. Biblically we learn that G-d’s judgment puts things on this earth into G-d’s order. His judgment ultimately leads to the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. 

  • I have sworn: This is an oath, a promise. 
  • The waters of Noah would no longer cover (pass over) the earth: Genesis 9:11-17. This does not mean that G-d will not destroy the earth again. It means that He will never do it with water again. 2 Peter 3:5-7 tells us that G-d’s next judgment is going to come through fire. Fire is another method that G-d uses in order to cleanse and purify. G-d wants this world to be pure – pure according to His will and standards. 
  • I would not be angry with you: This is another promise that G-d has made. G-d is promising that His wrath will not be upon Israel. From a Kingdom perspective we can understand this to mean that G-d is going to bring about a Kingdom reality. There will be a remnant of Israel who will be a part of this Kingdom, and this remnant will never again experience the wrath or the rebuke of G-d. A time is coming when Israel, in a unique way, is going to be transformed into a Kingdom people. No longer will they need G-d’s wrath and judgment to fall on them (Roms 11:25-27). G-d’s Kingdom will not come to earth until this transformation among the remnant of Israel has taken place (Matt 23:37-39). This transformation is part of the work that is left for G-d to still do. 

v10: Mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed: This is not something that we usually think about as occurring in the natural. At the end of this age, G-d is going to move according to His prophetic Word and He’s going to bring about changes in this world – changes that we could never have thought or imagined.

  • But: A word of contrast. These mountains will move, and these hills will collapse but, in contrast to all of this instability, G-d’s grace is going to stand for them like a firm foundation. 
  • My kindness (literally: grace): In fulfilment of His covenantal obligations, G-d is going to extend grace to the Jewish people. G-d does not take away His grace from us (New Covenant believers) and nor will His grace and promises be removed from the remnant of the house of Jacob (the Jewish people). 
  • (My covenant of peace will not collapse): G-d’s peace, the fulfilment of His will, is going to endure. It is not going to give out or fade away. 
  • The L-RD: The sacred or transcendent name of G-d is used here – the G-d who was, is and who will be. What G-d has said will be. Nothing can prevent this from not being the reality. G-d is going to be merciful, and nothing is going to interfere with His mercy being extended to Israel (just as nothing has interfered with His mercy being extended to the Gentiles).  

v11: Afflicted one: Speaking of Israel. 

  • Tossed with tempest: Israel has been tossed about throughout the centuries as if she has been in a storm. Storms always bring about some form of change. 
  • Comforted: A word that is used uniquely in the book of Isaiah to refer to the work of Messiah. 
  • Lay your stones with colourful gems: Israel is going to be made ready, made glorious, for her husband. Laying down stones is something that is done to give beauty. This is for decorative purposes (similar to a woman who uses makeup to accent herself). G-d is promising that Israel is going to be made beautiful in His eyes. Israel is going to be prepared for that Kingdom condition.
  • Sapphires: These blue stones being laid and set are for beautification (Spiritually this would be speaking of the glorification of the house of Israel). 

v12: Pinnacles: (Window frames): A window can be seen as a kind of picture frame. G-d is promising to put these red coloured stones into their decoration/beautification. 

  • Precious stones: Gems. Israel is going to be transformed. She is going to be made outwardly/physically glorious – as a requirement for the Kingdom to be established.

v13: Note: This verse deals with the inward change that the people of Israel are going to experience. 

  • Your children shall be taught by the L-RD: The benefit of knowing the L-rd, or being trained by the L-rd (having His perspective on things), is that the children will experience abundant peace – they will walk in the will of G-d. Walking in the will of G-d causes our lives to be full of the blessing and provision of the L-rd. 

v14: Righteousness … established; You shall be far from oppression: Those who are established (have a foundation) in righteousness are far from oppression, they are far from being defeated by the attacks of the enemy. There is safety and security in G-d’s will. The most dangerous place for a person to be is outside of G-d’s will. When we are obedient to the Word of G-d, the will of G-d for our lives will be revealed to us. 

  • Terror: Fear. Disaster. Destruction. 
  • Terror… shall not come near you: When we are surrendered to G-d and are committed to His will then terror will be far from us. 

v15: They shall surely assemble: This is speaking of our enemy. When a person is committed to G-d, and is walking in faith, that person is often under attack from the enemy (the enemy wants to dwell in our presence so that he can afflict us, toss us about or cause us problems). However, there is no need for the one who does the will of G-d to fear destruction, disaster or hardship. 

  • Not because of Me: This enemy is not from G-d. G-d didn’t send him to afflict us. 
  • Fall: G-d will bring about his defeat and our victory. We have received victory through Messiah in order that we can obey G-d. Victory is also related to worshipping G-d. Being forgiven and cleansed of our sins stirs within us a desire to worship G-d. When we worship G-d, our enemies are defeated. 

v16: Blacksmith: A craftsman.

  • Blows the coals in the fire: The blacksmith works with fire and coals in order to produce or build something that can help him with his work. This tool is profitable for him. It contributes to his work. This work does something for edification. 
  • Spoiler (literally: Destroyer)…destroy: These are two different words for destruction. The first word is a word of wiping things away, destroying them, leaving no evidence of them, annihilation. The second word is used in Modern Hebrew for a terrorist – one who delights to cause pain and suffering for others. This destroyer that G-d has created is going to destroy the things that are not in line with G-d’s Word (Eg. G-d used the Destroying angel to kill the firstborn sons in Egypt in the homes where there was no lamb’s blood on the doorposts  – 1 Cor 10:10). 

Note: G-d is constantly looking at our lives to see what needs to be built up or edified, but He is also looking to see what is not in line with His Kingdom, those things that need to be torn down and destroyed. 

v17: No weapon formed against you shall prosper: This is a wonderful promise that G-d has given to us of His faithfulness. We do not need to fear the enemy, but we need to give priority to G-d. We need to be about His work, committed to His will. When we are walking in the promises of G-d, we do not need to worry about what the enemy is up. 

  • Every tongue: Every wordThe enemies’ weapons or words of shame or defeat will have no effect on us. 
  • Heritage: Inheritance
  • Their righteousness is from Me: G-d imputes the very righteousness of His Son on everyone who believes. This is also going to be the status of the remnant in Israel when they believe in Messiah Yeshua. 
  • Says (Declares) the L-RD: When the L-rd declares something it is a promise. We can know with assurance that what He has promised will come to pass. 

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