The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 55 Part 2


Our next reading is from Isaiah 55:6-13

v6: Note: When the message of salvation (the Kingdom covenant) is made available to us, we need to take up the offer while we can by inviting Yeshua into our lives. G-d comes close to us through the revealing or presentation of the gospel. 

  • Found: The L-rd is found in the gospel
  • Near: He is close when the gospel is being proclaimed. 

v7: Let the wicked forsake his way: This is what the wicked need to do as a response to the gospel. 

  • (Leave) his thoughts: He is going to think differently. He is not going to rely upon his perception or knowledge (what he thinks is right), but he is going to leave that human way of thinking.
  • Return to the L-RD: Returning to the L-rd involves repentance. It involves turning away from our wicked ways (actions) and thoughts. When we repent of these things and turn away from them then we are in a right relationship with G-d (the relationship that G-d created humanity initially to be in). 
  • He (G-d) will have mercy on him: We can be absolutely assured of this. G-d does not lie. It does not matter how sinful we have been, if we repent and turn from our sinful ways and thoughts G-d will have mercy on us. 
  • Abundantly pardon: G-d does not hold onto our sins once we have repented. He abundantly and totally forgives us (Heb 8:12).

v8: My thoughts are not your thoughts: We do not think as G-d thinks.

Note: We cannot logically figure out the ways of the L-rd (salvation, forgiveness, His mercy, His abundant grace etc) as it will not make sense to us. We simply need to receive the righteous standards of G-d by faith in Yeshua.

v9: The heavens are higher than the earth: This phrase should make us think of more than just the physical distance between earth and outer space. The implication here is that the Kingdom of heaven (the place where the glory of G-d dwells) is much, much higher than the kingdom of this dark world – where falsehood, deceit and lies reign. Because we live here on earth, more often than not, we think according to the ways of this world. G-d’s ways – His gospel – transforms us to think and behave differently. 

v10: Note: In a human sense, when we give something to someone, invariably we expect something nice back in return. This is how we think with our human mindsets, how the world thinks.

  • Rain…snow… do not return: G-d thinks differently to us. He gives rain and snow as a blessing to us. He invests in us (our lives, our lands, our crops etc)- totally, freely, and without any expectation of a return (Matt 5:44-48).
  • Bring forth: A word for birthing. The earth is going to give its produce (its fruit). The earth is going to be fertile. 
  • The eater: G-d provides for those who are hungry. It is within G-d’s nature to meet our needs. He is a generous giver. He does not give to us in order to get back from us. 

v11: My word…shall not return to Me void (empty): G-d’s Word is anointed and therefore it has the power to produce a change in our lives. Those who are wise will study the Word of G-d. His Word produces fullness – never emptiness.  

  • Void: Empty. There is always a good outcome to what G-d does (even judgment has a good outcome). What G-d does always produces fruit. He never does something that is meaningless, or empty. He never does something in vain. This fruit produced is not fruit for G-d’s benefit, but it is His creation that benefits from it. 
  • It shall accomplish what I please (desire): It is true that G-d is free to do whatever He wants to do, but it is just as true that G-d will never do anything that is ungodly. He will only do that which is good and holy. “Can G-d lie?” is not a question we should ask when we are contemplating the Sovereignty of G-d. The answer to this question is “No. G-d cannot lie”. This does not negate His Sovereignty, but it does uphold His character. G-d only behaves according to His character, which means that He cannot sin (1 John 3:8-9). 

Note: From our perspective we would say that G-d does only those things which are righteous. From G-d’s perspective: The ‘things’ are only righteous because G-d does them. We do not get to define what righteous and unrighteous deeds are. G-d defines them. If G-d does something, we do not hold Him up to see if He meets the qualification or standard for righteousness. G-d does not meet the standard for righteousness – G-d IS the standard for righteousness. He is the source of righteousness.

v12: Peace: Peace is related to the fulfilment of the will of G-d. Without the will of G-d being fulfilled there is no peace. Only when we are walking in obedience to the will of G-d (in His peace) will we experience gladness and joy. 

  • Mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing: When the mountains and the hills (the governments and the seats of authority in this world) are changed, when they acknowledge G-d, it is going to usher in a Kingdom experience. When we are behaving according to the Kingdom of G-d it is going to bring about a gladness and a joy. 
  • The trees of the field shall clap their hands: Creation is going to acknowledge the things of G-d and it is going to respond joyfully, praising what G-d has done in establishing His Kingdom.

v13: The thorn…the brier: In the Garden of Eden there were no thorns, thistles or briars. In the Garden there were no poisonous trees, but all of the fruit on the trees was good for food. Except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve could eat freely of all the fruit in the Garden without any concern. Eating from this tree, the first sin, led to the consequence whereby this world was radically altered.

  • Cypress tree: This could also be referring to a fir or pine tree. G-d is going to bring about a Kingdom change. He is going to bring about a restoration in creation. 
  • Shall be to the L-RD for a name: This transformation that is going to happen is going to reveal the character of G-d and show Him for who He really is – One who has a great name, a wonderful reputation in His Kingdom. This has always been true, but at this time it will be seen by all. 
  • Sign: A miraculous happening – something which only G-d can do. 
  • An everlasting sign that shall not be cut off: This is going to be the eternal condition of the Kingdom of G-d. This is the message and the miracle of the gospel: G-d can take a sinner (like us) and declare him righteous in His Presence. G-d can take a fallen world and He can restore it into a Kingdom of His glory. This is the character of our G-d. That is why His reputation (name) is great. G-d’s Kingdom is eternal. It will never be cut off. 

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