The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 59 Part 2


Next up is Isaiah 59:9-21

v9: Nor does righteousness overtake us: They do not get justice and nor do they obtain righteousness. 

  • We look (hope) for light, but there is darkness: Even when the people are hoping for the right thing, they’re not going to receive it because G-d is not willing to participate with them until they truly repent and seek His grace. These people are not happy with their experience but are unwilling to change their behaviour to have a different experience. 
  • Blackness: Thick or abundant darkness

v10: Grope: Searching with their hands

Note: They are spiritually dead. They are like blind men who cannot find their way.

  • Dead men in desolate places: They are eternally condemned.

v11: Growl like bears: This shows that they are angry. 

  • Moan sadly like doves: They are very sad. They have no joy. 
  • There is none: There is utter corruption in the city so justice cannot be found in it. 

v12: Our transgressions are multiplied before You: G-d would be willing and able to help them, but their sins are acting as a barrier between them and G-d. 

  • Our transgressions are with us, and… our iniquities, we know them: They are wilfully and cognitively choosing sin and transgression. This is their spiritual condition. Even though they’re unhappy with the situation they don’t want to repent and turn away from their sins. They don’t want to turn to G-d, but they do want Him to stop their discomfort, the unpleasant things in their lives. 

v13: Transgressing: Violating G-d’s Word. 

  • Lying: Being deceitful. This is how they respond to the L-rd. 
  • Departing: Moving away from
  • Uttering from the heart words of falsehood: This whole community is based on lies. Truth cannot be found here. They have chosen a lie, and their lives are vain and futile, they produce nothing good. 

v14: Justice…and righteousness: They keep as far away as possible from justice and righteousness. They want nothing to do with either of these two things. 

  • Truth is fallen: Truth is put down, it is ignored. 
  • In the street: In public.
  • Equity: G-d wants to bring about fairness, but they do not allow it into their lives. 

v15: Crazy: The word used here is not the word for ‘prey’. It is a word for behaviour that is intolerable, behaviour that is riotous. What this is saying is that those who turn from evil are seen as a threat to society. 

v16: He saw that there was no man: No one was interested in the things of G-d.

  • No intercessor: There was no one who was interceding for this situation.
  • His own arm: This is a reference to Messiah – G-d’s Son. 
  • Sustained Him: Supported Him. He leans on it. G-d’s righteous desires are carried out. He trusted His Son to bring about redemption. 

v18: He will repay: He is going to give them what they have earned with their behaviour. 

  • Coastlands: The islands, the faraway places.
  • He will fully repay: G-d is fair. When Yeshua returns, He is going to pay to everyone what they deserve, what they have earned. This payday will not be a good day for those who have not experienced redemption.

v19: Name: The character. They are going to fear G-d within the context of His Judgment Day. 

  • The rising of the sun: I.e: From the east.
  • The enemy comes in like a flood: The enemy is going to come quickly – like a rushing, flowing river. 
  • A standard: A banner. Another reference to Messiah. Yeshua is going to be against all of this evil. 

v20: In Judaism this is a very important verse, and it is recited daily in the synagogue. It is seen as a promise from G-d. The survivors of Israel in the last days are going to be unredeemed but not unredeemable. They are going to be in a very vulnerable position and 2/3rds of them are going to be put to death. 

  • The Redeemer will come to Zion: Referring to Messiah Yeshua. 
  • Says the L-RD: These are the words of a promise. If G-d has said it, we can be assured that it is going to happen. 

v21: This: When this word stands alone in Hebrew it means that it is talking about the main thing, the primary objective. This is the key idea. 

  • Them: There is a play on words here in the Hebrew. This is a word which alludes to purity. This is all coming about because of G-d. He is the One who will purify them in the midst of His Covenant, but it is through His Covenant that purity is brought into their lives. 
  • My Spirit who is upon you: This is what the outcome of this New Covenant will be. 

Note: Redemption, through the gospel, is coming for the remnant of the people of Israel in the last days. In the last days, Israel is going to be looking for her Messiah and they are going to see the One who was pierced. They are going to mourn when they recognise Him (Zech 12:10). They are going to receive Messiah in the same way that Thomas did – by sight, and not through faith (John 20:25). It is better to believe through faith and not by sight (John 20:29), but when the remnant of the Jewish people witness His return (with their own eyes) they are going to believe in Him. 

  • Forevermore: This is going to be an eternal reality. This is the reality: Messiah, the Redeemer, has come. He has already done the work of redemption. If we have accepted the gospel, He has turned away sin and transgression from us – He has taken it away and has replaced it with His Spirit. This is our eternal condition once we have believed in and accepted Yeshua as our L-rd and Saviour.

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