The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 60 Part 1


Isaiah 60:1-7 is what we read next. 

On G-d’s agenda is the establishment of His Kingdom. Israel (the people and the land) is going to play a major role in the events that will lead up to the Kingdom coming and being established. Many scholars agree that this chapter is Messianic and has to do with the end times – particularly the last seven years of Daniel’s 70th week. 

v1: Arise, shine: This is written in the feminine and is talking about Israel. 

  • Shine: This is the literal word for ‘light’ in verbal form. It is a word that speaks about light being seen. 
  • Your light has come: A spiritual change is going to be brought about in Israel in the last days through the light that is to come – Messiah. This spiritual change is going to lead to physical changes. Messiah is going to give light to Israel and He is going to enable them to shine. This is not speaking of the time of the rapture but is speaking of Messiah’s second coming to Earth. 

v2: Darkness: Many scholars believe that this darkness has to do with the spirit of deceit that the antichrist will bring upon this world – a strong delusion (2 Thess 2:11). When this deception is being worked out people are going to be out of place, they are out of G-d’s will and therefore will be a candidate for His judgment. 

  • Deep darkness: Literally ‘Fog’. This is a word for camouflage. Camouflage covers up, it conceals the nations.
  • You: Israel. 
  • The L-rd will arise (shine): This concept of light shining is related to blessing. Messiah is coming to save and deliver Israel. He is going to enable Israel to be in a position where she can be blessed.

v3: The Gentiles shall come to your light: When Israel gets right with G-d (when they undergo a spiritual change), they are going to have an impact upon a remnant of the nations (Gentiles). Israel, for a moment, is going to be used at the end of this age to bring a remnant of the nations to the L-rd (Zech 8:23). 

v4: Your sons…your daughtersMost of the Rabbinical commentators see this as being in a family – the family of G-d. In Genesis 2:18 G-d said that it is not good for a man to be alone. Therefore, G-d made a man and a woman, and He established them in a family. 

Literally: Verse 5: Then you shall see and stream, and your heart shall fear and be broadened; for He will overturn you like the abundance of the sea, the wealth of the nations shall come to you.”

  • You shall see: They are going to see things from G-d’s vantage point.
  • Stream: Be moved…like a moving river. 
  • Your heart shall fear and be broadened: A change is brought about. The people’s hearts (which has to do with their thoughts, their thinking) are going to be broadened and made different. They are going to be people who give G-d priority. 
  • The abundance of the sea: The sea has an abundance of life within it. The sea can feed a large portion of humanity. This is talking about G-d’s abundant provision. 
  • The wealth of the nations shall come to you: Through redemption (salvation), the people of Israel are going to experience G-d’s abundant provision (John 10:10. See also Ex 12:35-36 – after redemption came a plundering of the wealth of the nations). G-d is going to bring Israel into her fullness (after the Gentiles have been brought into their fullness – Roms 11:25). 

v6: Multitude of camels: This is again alluding to the great wealth that they are going to receive. The camel being referred to here is the two-humped camel. 

  • Dromedaries: The one-humped camels. 
  • Midian and Ephah: These two tribes were descended from Abraham through his wife Keturah (Gen 25:4, 1 Chron 1:33). They lived in an area where camels were very common and very numerous. 
  • They shall proclaim the praises of the L-RD: Israel is going to get right with G-d. 

v7: They: Referring to the sheep and the goats.

  • They shall ascend with acceptance on My altar: This means that they are wilfully going to go to G-d’s altar to be sacrificed because they know that this brings delight to the L-rd. No longer will animals have to be trapped or captured in order to be offered up for sacrifice. Animals are going to put themselves upon the altar. This is a reference to a Kingdom change – a submissiveness, even of the animals, to G-d’s order and programme. 

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