The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 60 Part 2


Our next reading is Isaiah 60:8-22

v8: Like doves to their roosts: Like doves going to their homes. G-d is coming to supernaturally put things into order. He is bringing things back to the places where they should be – bringing them “home”. 

v9: Coastlands: Islands. The far away and remote places.

  • They will wait(hope): They are not going to feel so remote, isolated or left out. They will feel connected to what G-d is doing. 
  • The ships of Tarshish will come (as at the beginning): In the past Tarshish was a place of great wealth due to its shipping industry. This is going to happen for them again. 
  • He has glorified you: This glory is related to the righteousness of G-d. When G-d’s glory is manifested, we can be sure that it is because righteousness is being done. When G-d brings a righteous change to Israel, when they begin to reflect the order of G-d, G-d’s glory is going to be manifest through them. 

v10: Sons of foreigners shall build up your walls: Foreigners are going to play a role in Israel’s security. 

  • In My wrath I struck you, but in My favour I have had mercy on you: This is speaking of a time when G-d’s wrath has passed, and Israel is no longer a recipient of G-d’s judgment. They are going to be put into the order of G-d. One of the characteristics of His order is that He supplies mercy to them. Nothing good spiritually happens to us until we are recipients of G-d’s mercy. His mercy is foundational, and that’s why confession of sin is so vital. Confession of sin brings about G-d’s mercy.

v11: Note: G-d’s mercy is going to bring about security for the people of Israel. Throughout history, the Jewish people have been a persecuted people. They have suffered greatly, but this is not going to be what happens in the Kingdom of G-d.

  • Continually: Day and night.
  • (literally: Their kings have led them): The leaders of the nations are going to be in submission to G-d’s purposes and desires. They are going to lead their nations to bring their wealth as an offering to G-d. They are going to be in agreement that G-d must be worshipped.

v12: The nation and kingdom which will not serve you will perish: Things are not going to go well for those nations who do not recognise Israel’s leadership within the Kingdom of G-d. 

v13: The cypress, the pine, and the box tree: The chief trees, the most glorious trees in Lebanon.

  • The place of My feet: Scripture speaks of the Earth, this world, as being the footstool of G-d (Isaiah 66:1). G-d has His throne in heaven, but His footstool is still here on the earth during the millennial reign of Messiah. 

v14: The sons of those who afflicted you: Those who had previously persecuted Israel.

  • Shall come bowing to you: Nations who formerly persecuted the Jewish people are going to be transformed through repentance, through understanding G-d’s revelation in the last days.
  • Despised (literally: Blasphemed): Spoke negatively against. 
  • Fall prostrate at the soles of your feet: G-d is going to elevate Israel. This is what He always wanted to do, but Israel was not willing in the past because she was not submissive to the plan of G-d.
  • Zion: More often than not this is a word that sets a passage within a Kingdom context – Jerusalem in her redemptive state. This is speaking of the time when Messiah has come (Yeshua has arrived on Earth for His second coming) and His Kingdom has been established. The remnants of the nations are going to recognise this. They are going to honour Israel, who are going to be leaders in the millennial Kingdom (Believers – the raptured church – are going to be ruling and reigning with Messiah. The role of the church will be supporting and overseeing the leadership role, the transformation, that Israel is going to be granted over this 1000-year period of time). 
  • The Holy One of Israel: Holiness is always connected to the purposes of G-d. It is through the millennial reign of Messiah that G-d’s purposes and His order are going to be manifest in this world. 

v15: Note: An exchange is going to take place in Israel. They are going to experience an improvement taking place in their lives. Hatred and abandonment are going to be exchanged for majesty and joy. 

v16: The (literally: knight) of Jacob: This is a term of great splendour, respect and honour being given to the name ‘Jacob’. There is going to be a change. The nations are going to recognize G-d’s purposes for Israel. They are going to nourish and provide for Israel. All of this is happening to the Jewish people because they are now going to be committed to the purposes of G-d.

v17: Note: In this verse we see the change of behaviour among the nations. For centuries Israel has been hated and abandoned by the nations, but a time is coming when the nations are going to nourish them and provide for them. 

  • Instead of bronze I will bring gold: There is an upgrading happening here. 
  • Peace: G-d is going to command/order peace for Israel. Peace is what we experience as a fulfilment of G-d’s will. 
  • Magistrates (literally: Taskmasters): This word reminds us of Egypt.
  • Peace…righteousness: Parallel concepts. When we are in G-d’s will we are going to be found to be in a righteous condition. Israel, through redemption, is going to be in a righteous condition.

v18: Salvation: Salvation is related to victory. Walls speak of the provision of protection. 

v19: The sun will no longer be your light by day: This is very reminiscent of what we see in Zech 14:6-7. One of the things that characterizes the Kingdom is that light is not going to be from a natural source (ie the sun or the moon). The light is going to be supernatural (like the light created on the first day of creation – Gen 1:3-5 (G-d only created the sun and the moon on the fourth day of creation – Gen 1:14-19). 

  • The L-RD will be to you an everlasting light: Both Christian and Jewish scholars agree that this light represents the glory of G-d. Where G-d’s presence is, His glory is. The Kingdom of G-d is unique. In a very powerful way and in a very revealed way the Presence of G-d and the glory of G-d are going to be there, and this is going to be the source of light for His people in the Kingdom.

v20: Your sun shall no longer go down: No longer is the sun going to rise or set. 

  • Nor shall your moon withdraw itself: No longer is the moon going to go through her cycles. 
  • Mourning: Sorrow and death are going to cease as there will be no more sin. 
  • The days of your mourning shall be ended: There is going to be a fulfilment. Things are going to reach their completion (Zech 12:10-14, Rev 21:4). 

v21: They shall inherit the land forever (for eternity): They are going to be the recipient of all of G-d’s blessings.

  • The branch: This is the same word that defines faith in Messiah. In modern Hebrew it is the word used for a Christian. 
  • That I may be glorified: G-d’s purpose in doing all of these things, and in bringing about all of this change (in both His New Covenant and Old Covenant people who are going to become New Covenant people), is so that He can be glorified. 

v22: Little one shall become a thousand: Something which was small and insignificant is going to be transformed and become abundant and great. 

  • In its time: At the right time. 

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