The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 62


We kick off this week with Isaiah 62. 

Those who are wise are always going to agree with G-d. The things that are important to G-d will be important to them. Their thoughts and words will reflect this, and their actions and behaviour will demonstrate this. 

v1: Zion: Nearly every time this word appears in the Bible, we should think of it as relating to the Kingdom of G-d. We should not simply substitute the word ‘Jerusalem’ in for this word ‘Zion’. ‘Jerusalem’ is a word that refers to the Jerusalem of today – a city in her fallen state (Rev 11:8). Zion is the word for Jerusalem in her redeemed and transformed state. G-d is going to bring about a change in Jerusalem’s status. 

Note: One of the foundational things we learn in this chapter is that we ought to be those who participate with G-d. We need to understand what G-d’s doing, what His Kingdom work is, and we need to be about it – doing it, participating with Him.

  • I will not rest (literally: be quiet): We know, from creation, that when G-d speaks things happen. G-d’s Word carries power and authority. G-d’s Word is obeyed. G-d only needs to speak to bring Jerusalem into her redemptive/Kingdom state – ie Zion. 
  • Righteousness…salvation: Once more we see righteousness paralleled with salvation. There is a very strong relationship/link between salvation and righteousness. We are not saved through our righteous behaviour, but once we are saved, righteousness is manifest (shines) through us. If someone professes to be a believer but they are not concerned about living their lives according to the commandments and righteousness of G-d, then it is questionable as to whether they are truly saved. 
  • Brightness (a bright light)…a lamp that burns: Zion is going to be a city that manifests light, a city that is going to manifest the glory of G-d. 

v2: The Gentiles shall see your righteousness: In her Kingdom condition, Israel is finally going to be the witness and testimony that G-d always intended her to be to the nations.

  • Righteousness…glory: In this verse we see a connection drawn between righteousness and glory. Once someone has been saved, they begin to be committed to behaving righteously. This righteous behaviour manifests the glory of G-d. 
  • New name: Name is related to character. Salvation produces a new (righteous) character in the people who commit their lives to G-d.
  • Name: This is a word that usually relates to punching or making a hole in something (eg piercing through paper). When something is pierced through it is permanent. G-d is going to give Israel a new name, and that new name is going to have an eternal quality to it. This name is going to represent His people for eternity. 

v3: You shall also be a crown of glory: Again, alluding to a change or a transformation that is going to take place in Israel. They are going to become a Kingdom people. 

  • The hand of the L-RD: The hand of the L-rd can be looked at in two ways:

1) His hand can make us think about His workmanship. G-d is going to fashion His people into a crown of splendour. His work in our lives makes this a reality. His work in our lives spurs us on to do good deeds and to behave righteously. 

2) The hand of the L-rd also speaks of His authority. When we recognize, submit to and demonstrate G-d’s authority in our lives it causes us to become like the crown of splendour spoken about here. 

  • Diadem: A turban. A jewelled crown or head band worn as a symbol of sovereignty. Not only is the city going to be different but the people within the city are also going to be transformed. 

v4: Forsaken: Abandoned.

  • Hephzibah: This is a name which means ‘My delight is in her’. G-d delights in His Kingdom people. 
  • Beulah: This is a name that means to ‘be married’. It is a word that literally means to exercise L-rdship over. G-d is going to exercise his L-rdship over His people. When a good husband exercises lordship over his wife it means that he loves her and takes care of her. He provides for her, is faithful to her and ministers to her. This causes her to feel secure and valued. This causes her to be gloriously transformed – to grow and mature in her love for him. Exercising lordship over another should never be done with the intention to exploit or abuse. 
  • Your land shall be married: Their land is going to have a Master. It is not going to be forsaken. It is not going to be unattached, but it is going to exist within the bounds of a covenantal relationship. This means that G-d Himself is going to care for it. He is the One who is going to demonstrate His delight over this land.

v5: Marries: Exercises lordship over.

  • The bridegroom rejoices over the bride: The bride is going to be transformed, able to fulfil the desires of her husband. G-d, through the outcome of salvation, desires a marvellous, righteous, change to take place in His bride. 

v6: Watchmen: This could be referring to those who pray continuously – day and night. These ones are never at rest but are always responding, looking out for Kingdom work. 

  • Shall never hold their peace: They are going to be those who are a constant remembrance before G-d and before others. 
  • Do not keep silent: Be responsive. 

v7: Give Him no rest: This is a command to those who are watching and praying. They need to give G-d no rest, but need to be constantly petitioning their prayers before Him. 

  • Till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth: Jerusalem is going to become the praise of the world. This means that all the world is going to praise the Kingdom of G-d. All the world is going to understand the glory that G-d placed in Jerusalem.

v8: The arm of His strength: This speaks of G-d being strong. It speaks of G-d’s sacrifice. It is a term that alludes to G-d’s Son, the Messiah – Yeshua. 

  • Will no longer give your grain to be food for your enemies: G-d is no longer going to allow the exploitation of Israel. Israel will no longer be used by the enemy. They are going to be placed in a position whereby they can enjoy the fruit of their labour without worrying that it will be taken from them. 

v9: Eat it, and praise the L-RD: Deut 8:10

  • Drink it in My holy courts: This is the place where they are going to experience their blessing – in the courts of the L-rd. 

Note: G-d is going to keep covenant with His people. He is going to establish His Kingdom, and, in this Kingdom, He will not forget any of our good deeds. We are going to reap and enjoy the benefits of all our faith-filled labour (labour done for Him and based on the foundation of Messiah – 1 Cor 3:10-15). 

v10: Build up the highway: Prepare a highway.

  • Lift up a banner: This is a miraculous banner. It is a pole that is set up to announce victory to the people. It is a word that also relates to Messiah. The One who was lifted up on the pole (Yeshua) is the One who brings victory for us. This victory is a testimony to others. 

v11: Your salvation: The term for salvation is usually written in the feminine but, in this verse, it is written in the masculine.  This use of the masculine could suggest that this is referring to Messiah. 

v12: Them: Israel, the people of G-d.

  • The Holy People, the Redeemed: Through redemption the people become holy and pleasing to the L-rd. Holiness is connected to the purposes of G-d, which, in turn, is connected to the new state of being for the people of G-d.
  • You shall be called Sought Out, a City Not Forsaken: G-d always keeps the promises that He makes. 

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