The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 64 Part 3


We read a short portion next: Isaiah 64:8-12

v8: All we are the work of Your hand: If the Potter does not form us we have no hope of becoming a useful vessel. Clay cannot form itself into something useful. By itself it remains unformed, unshaped and useless. Only the potter can give the clay value. This is what Isaiah is testifying to. We need to realize that it is only when we say ‘yes’ to G-d and respond to Him in faith that He will begin to work in our lives to change us into the people that He wants us to be.

v9: Do not be furious: G-d is angry because the people are not exercising faith. Isaiah is asking G-d to relent from His anger. If G-d is angry the people have no hope. 

  • Nor remember iniquity forever: If G-d remembers our sin for eternity, then we have no hope (Jer 31:34, Heb 8:12). 
  • Please look: Isaiah is wanting G-d to take notice of the condition of the people. 

v10: Wilderness: A place of emptiness. A wasteland. 

  • Zion…Jerusalem a desolation: When Isaiah looks at things (from a Kingdom perspective [ie spiritually] – Zion – and from a physical perspective – Jerusalem) he does not see either reflecting, or even close to fulfilling, the prophetic promises of G-d. 

v11: Burned up with fire: It has been destroyed. 

Note: The things that Israel took comfort in were no more. They have nothing left except a covenantal hope. G-d is a covenant keeping G-d, even when the people do not deserve it. G-d will respond. He is going to move, in and of Himself, because of who He is, to bring about a change. When we are faithless, He remains faithful. 

v12: Restrain Yourself: Sit and do nothing. 

  • These things: Referring to Israel being a wasteland, the temple being destroyed, the desirable things being no more. 
  • Will You hold Your peace: Be silent. 
  • Afflict us very severely: Isaiah does not want G-d to be silent. He does not want G-d to restrain Himself from helping them. Isaiah knows that Israel is going to be afflicted up until the point where Israel turns in faith to Him, but if G-d keeps silent that affliction will feel all the more severe. 

Note: Israel is going to reach a point of desperation. Only then will they say: ‘Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the L-rd’ (a Messianic invitation – Matt 23:39) G-d is going to be quiet, He is going to restrain Himself and will not move until this point of desperation and this call has been uttered by their lips. When they call out, G-d is going to quickly respond. He is going to open up the heavens, and descend, shaking the mountains, the governments, the authority and the nations in order to establish a glorious Kingdom change.

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