The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 65 Part 3


Our next portion is Isaiah 65:17-25

v17: Note: John, in Revelation 21:1-4, takes this verse, expands on it, giving it a new context and a fuller revelation. 

  • New heavens and a new earth: These new heavens and new earth have a name: The New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2). The New Jerusalem is the final and eternal state of the Kingdom of G-d. This is where we want to be for eternity. The current heaven (where people who die in faith currently go) is not our eternal habitation. 
  • The former shall not be remembered: All pain, sorrow, things that caused tears, despair and sadness will be no more.
  • Not…come to mind: We will no longer think about them.

v18: Jerusalem: Referring to the New Jerusalem. 

  • Rejoicing: Sadness and sorrow are going to be replaced with abundant joy. 

v19: I will rejoice in Jerusalem: Not only are the city and the people going to rejoice but G-d Himself is also going to rejoice with them. 

v20: No more shall an infant…live but a few days: The things which are common in this world (children dying young, or men dying before their time) will not be the new reality. 

Note: In the New Jerusalem there is going to be no death. Life is going to reign over death. In the New Jerusalem children are not going to die and the old men will live in fullness of life. Some scholars see this verse as referring to the Millennial kingdom and as not referring to the New Jerusalem – even though the language is that of the New Jerusalem (‘new heavens and new earth’). 

  • The sinner: There will be no sinners in the New Jerusalem (Rev 22:15). In this age we consider people who live to be 100 years old blessed. Isaiah is using poetic language here to emphasise the reversal that takes place in the New Jerusalem. Those who live only to 100 years old there (which is hypothetical and not the actual case) would be considered cursed. G-d’s Kingdom is going to be different to the kingdoms of this world.

v21: Note: Justice is going to reign over injustice. The one who does the work receives the benefit from the work (This is rarely the case in this world – right now, few benefit from the labour of many). 

v22: The days of a tree: Trees tend to live for a long time. The people are going to experience an eternal longevity.

  • My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands: Their work is not going to wear out. They are going to rejoice over the work of their hands. Things are not going to be short lived. They are going to fulfil the will for which they were created.  

v23: They shall be the descendants (literally: seed) of the blessed of the L-RD: Those who are of the seed (of the Messiah/in Messiah – Gal 3:16) shall be the ones who are blessed. 

  • Their offspring with them: The offspring of believers (the seed) are also going to be blessed.  

v24: Before they call, I will answer: G-d’s going to know exactly what words they are going to speak, and He responds to them before they even have the need to finish speaking the words. What is emphasized here is perfect intimacy and perfect unity between G-d and His people. 

v25: Note: This verse is similar to what we read in Isaiah 11:6-9.

  • Wolf and the lamb shall feed together: In this world, wolves eat lambs. This is not what is going to happen in G-d’s Kingdom. In G-d’s Kingdom the wolves and the lambs are going to eat the same kind of food. In His Kingdom the lambs will no longer be afraid of the wolves. There will be a unity between these animals. 
  • The lion shall eat straw like the ox: No longer will the animals have to shed blood in order to eat. In the Kingdom, one’s needs will not be met at the expense and the pain of others. G-d didn’t create this world in such a way that survival of one came through the suffering and death of other created things. This happened in the world as a consequence of sin.  
  • Serpent: A reference to satan.
  • Dust shall be the serpent’s food: He is going to be humiliated. He’s going to eat the dust.
  • Says the L-RD: G-d is making all these wonderful promises for those who are His servants.

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