The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 66 Part 2


On to Isaiah 66:5-13

v5: Your brethren: Referring to fellow Jews. Although nations (Gentiles) are going to be spoken about, the emphasis in this verse is Israel – G-d moving back for that remnant of Israel, the lost sheep of the house of Judah. 

Note: Romans 11:25 reveals to us that there is a time coming when the time of the Gentiles (when the Gentiles have come into the Kingdom in their fullness) is going to come to an end. G-d has been working mightily in the nations over the past 2000 years, but a day is coming when this is going to end, and G-d is going to once again begin to turn back His attention to bringing redemption to a 1/3rd remnant of the Jewish people.

  • My name’s sake: Possibly referring to Yeshua. There are those among the Jewish people who have been hated and outcast because of the name of Yeshua. 
  • Let the L-RD be glorified: The L-rd G-d is going to put His sanction, His approval, on the name of His Son – Yeshua (‘Salvation’). 
  • We: Possibly referring to G-d or to those in the heavens.
  • Your joy: Those who have been hated in this world because of their faith in Messiah (those who have feared Him and have given His Word priority) are going to be those who rejoice. 
  • They shall be ashamed: Those who stand against G-d’s glory (specifically Messiah’s glory) are going to be ashamed. 

v6: The sound of noise from the city: People pay attention to this noise. It’s a sound that captures everyone’s attention. 

  • Fully repays: To bring to completion. G-d is making His will complete. 
  • His enemies: Those who do not want to glorify Yeshua’s name, those who do not want to glorify G-d, are His enemies. 

v7: Note: This verse is talking about a new birth – a supernatural birth. 

  • Male child: The Hebrew word used here (זָכָֽר) is a word that is used prophetically in regard to Messiah. This event is also spoken of in Revelation 12:13 in regard to Israel being the nation who gave birth to the male child – Messiah. 

v8: As soon as: Abruptly. Very quickly. For generations people have been praying for G-d’s Kingdom to come. One of these days it is going to come suddenly, quickly, abruptly. 

  • Zion: A Kingdom word.
  • Travailed: This is a word associated with giving birth (labour pains). This verse speaks of the birth and establishment of the Kingdom of G-d. 
  • Children: Sons and daughters. 

v9Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?: The answer to the questions posed here is ‘No’. G-d will not hinder or stop the birthing of His Kingdom. He is going to bring it to its conclusion or fulfilment.

v10: Rejoice: Written in the plural. This is speaking to Kingdom people – believers. 

  • Be glad with her, all you who love her: Throughout Scripture, Jerusalem is upheld to us. We are frequently admonished to see Jerusalem as a special place (Ps 137:5-6). G-d is not yet finished with the Jerusalem that we can see with our natural eyes (Ps 122:6-9). 
  • Rejoice for joy with her, all you who mourn for her: In Jerusalem’s current condition (in her current natural state) things are not going to get better. Prophetically, Jerusalem in the last day is called Sodom and Egypt (Rev 11:8). We are grieved today over the state that Jerusalem is in. Unrighteousness is present in that city, and this will only worsen as the last days approaches. The antichrist is going to use Jerusalem for his purposes. Although we are currently grieving or mourning over her spiritual condition, we know that a change is coming. A time is coming when we are going to rejoice over Jerusalem. 

v11: Note: The image used here is one of a mother nursing her child. G-d is going to comfort. He is going to give nourishment (hope) to His Kingdom.

  • (The moving): This is not the word for ‘abundance’. The establishment of the Kingdom and the Kingdom nourishment (provision) being given to the people is an outcome of the glory of G-d moving. G-d’s glory (which is currently dwelling in the heavens – Isaiah 66:1) is going to move into this world (Isaiah 6:3).

v12: Peace: What we experience as an outcome of the fulfilment of G-d’s will. His promises and purposes are going to be fulfilled. 

  • The glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream: A change is going to happen in the nations – the Gentiles are going to come into their fullness. 
  • Dandled: Played with. It’s a term of amusement, joy and happiness.

v13: Comforts: This word is repeated and so is therefore emphasised. It is the same word the name ‘Capernaum’ comes from in the New Testament – Village of Comfort. This word is related to Messiah and to His work. This passage has powerful Messianic undertones. 

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